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Yuki Kato, born in Malang, April 2, 1995. Yuki is Indonesian actress. Yuki Kato have school and elementary school education Fajar Hidayah, continuing Pilar Junior High School Indonesia, and graduated from high school Bakti Mulya 400.

Yuki Kato is a Japanese-blooded girl, she was the first daughter of the couple Takeshi Kato and also Twinawati. Takeshi Kato, is a Project Manager of a big company in Japan who are currently living in Japan and comes every 3 months to Jakarta to visit his daughter in Indonesia

Yuki Kato became known after he starred in the film community Primates Beautiful Servia production with two colleagues, irshadi bagas and Esa Sigit. His name is Yuki Kato popular after starring in soap opera titled Heart Series. In the soap opera Heart Series Yuki Kato alongside Ranty Maria, irshadi bagas, and also together with Esa Sigit. Besides Yuki great talent in acting Yuki also has pontensi in the field of singing and performing a duet she sang the OST My Heart with irshadi bagas in My Heart By Request show that aired on SCTV. And in 2010 Yuki was again starred in the film alongside Stefan William and Cut Meyriska entitled Arti Sahabat.