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Andriani Marshanda or better known as Marshanda, he was born in Jakarta, August 10, 1989. He is the artist, the star of soap operas, commercials, singer and presenter of Indonesian nationality. Marshanda is a Minangkabau who was born to Joseph and Irwan Sofyan Riyanti origin Tabek Guguak Sarojo, Agam, West Sumatra. Eldest of three brothers born in Jakarta, Indonesia, 10 August 1989 with the Leo zodiac. Two brother is Adrian (Didi) and Allysa (Lisya). When the age of 3-4 years he had lived in the city of Lumpia Semarang, Jalan Diponegoro Pleburan V near campus. At that time his father worked for about two years in Semarang. He have Snake shio.

Marshanda idolizes Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and M2M already since childhood loves to sing next vocal rehearsals in Paranadjaja and ballet lessons. But he was still not confident with his ability to sing, so she sometimes still shy to sing in front of crowds.

Marshanda aspiration is to become an agricultural engineer and singer and last also like to be a psychologist. Marshanda desire to become a singer got a chance when he met with a creator of the famous children's song Papa T Bob. Mashanda initial meeting with Papa T Bob also happens inadvertently. At that time Marshanda often they recorded voice while singing, the mother who hears the sound Marshanda feel good and try to send it to the agency Marshanda. Somehow, however Papa T Bob know and be interested. Further Papa T Bob immediately made two songs for him. Papa T Bob prepared a special song that fits with the character of the sound Marshanda. Marshanda finally entered the studio with the sponsor song "Hang Cita Cita" creation Papa T Bob.Dulu Age 10 Years Together Milk Television Commercials Flag Together BudenyaChintya Kusuma, former Women Anita Cover Model Agency in 1991 to Puri Emeron.

Solo album from Marshanda entitled Marshanda released in early 2005. Moving in the path of pop and R & B, but more varied. The theme is mostly about romance among teenagers. In this album Marshanda supported by several musicians Indonesia, among others Kikan former personnel 'Brown', Thomas 'Gigi', Adam 'Sheila on 7', Dewiq and singer Bonita. The musicians are artists who are members of Sony Music Indonesia, the record company that produced this album. About 10 songs were Marshanda in this first album. One old song that became the theme song for the soap opera that was starring alongside Roger Danuarta, "Sweet and Honey" by Koes plus that has been re-arranged. Marshanda in this album is reportedly preparing four songs whose lyrics were created themselves. The fourth song was made Marshanda based on life experience and is written according to what his conscience.

Coinciding with National Education Day May 2, 2004, Marshanda was awarded The Most Brilliant Person in Asian Award 2004. This award is given to Marshanda because in addition to an active role in the art world, he is also considered to excel in school. This is evidenced by the success graduating junior high school with satisfactory grades. NilaiUAN (National Exam) Marshanda is 23. That means the average of eight a little less.

In the Asian Award 2004, Marshanda awarded as "The Most Brilliant Person". Marshanda crowned the Ambassador of the Environment, 2006.