Sappy 3-d Music Machine

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A Pathetic…appathy

Sappy 3-d Music Machine none none none i probably should...

A Pathetic…appathy

i probably should have waved, and maybe even broke a smilebut i had to open my mouth,and now there’s nothing left to say, except…don’t feed me those lies… don’t give me that line, i’ve already heard it too many times.Day breaks… and i follow my routine.sleepy day-sleepy dreamdon’t say those things to me,ladaladadaladaladadaladaladadaslowly…he moves my way- taking his time,taking forever- forever not mine.only I would think like that…silent…broken wrds marked by my lips.too bad; these things happen.only now i can’t feel it.don’t care, won’t cry, not nowbeen used, used lies- who cares,not me, not now, appathetic offerings. offer me, no reason, no lies.but how, who cares, who seeswhen will we grow up,still young, still dumb, but it’s okay,because i like you that way.manipulater- manipulated- just dumb!deep breath…one move, and i’m yours,forever not minebreath out and take me in when will we grow upnot now, not ever…forever…immature love songs…forevernever mind

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