Saint Etienne

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A Christmas Gift to You

Saint Etienne none none none Sarah:Hello, this is...

A Christmas Gift to You

Sarah:Hello, this is saint etienne here with a special christmas message for you all. how are you feeling bob?Bob:I’m feeling dandy and I just want to say happy christmas, war is over. how are you feeling pete?Pete:I’m feeling my oats. it’s a bit parky in here, isn’t it? anyone fancy a drink? what’s your favourite christmas drink bob?Bob:Umm, can I have a vodka with domestos in it and a slice of ? ? ? please?Pete:Certainly sir. and sarah?Sarah:No thank you. eh… can I have a glass of champagne with an oxo cube in it please? thank you. mmmmm.Bob:Do you want a drink pete, I’m buying this round?Pete:No.Sarah:We’ve got a couple of songs for you and the first one is…Bob:Driving home for christmas, a smashing song by chris rea. and the second one is..Pete:Message in a bottle, a tribute to the gentle giant of rock, sting.Sarah:And now we’d all like to say…All:Happy christmas!!

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