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You Okay Honey?

RENT none none none A HOMELESS MANChristmas...

Will I?

RENT none none none STEVEWill I Lose...

We’re Okay

RENT none none none Joanne(on cellular phone)Steve-JoanneThe...

What You Own

RENT none none none MARK“Hi. Mark Cohen...

Voice Mail #5

RENT none none none ROGER & MARK’S...

Voice Mail #4

RENT none none none ROGER & MARK(outgoing...

Voice Mail #2

RENT none none none MAUREENHi. You’ve reached...

Voice Mail #3

RENT none none none MRS. COHENMark, It’s...

Voice Mail #1

RENT none none none ROGER & MARK’S...

Tune Up #3

RENT none none none MARKI don’t suppose...

Tune Up #2

RENT none none none MARKTell The Folks...

Tune Up #1

RENT none none none MARKDecember 24TH, Nine...

Tango: Maureen

RENT none none none MARKThe lot. Where...

Today 4 U

RENT none none none MARKEnter Tom Collins,...

Seasons Of Love B

RENT none none none COMPANYIn Diapers –...

Take Me Or Leave Me

RENT none none none MARKValentine’s Day…Pan across...

Over The Moon

RENT none none none MARKMaureen’s performance.MAUREENLast Night...

One Song Glory

RENT none none none ROGERI’m Writing One...

On The Street

RENT none none none THREE HOMELESS PEOPLEChristmas...

Light My Candle

RENT none none none ROGERWhat’d You Forget?MIMIGot...

Life Support

RENT none none none STEVESteveGORDONGordonALIAliPAMPamSUESueANGELHi, I’m AngelCOLLINSTom,...

La Vie Boheme B

RENT none none none MAUREENAre we packed?JOANNEYes...

La Vie Boheme

RENT none none none RESTAURANT MANNo Please...

I’ll Cover You-Reprise

RENT none none none COLLINSLive In My...

I Should Tell You

RENT none none none ROGERI Should Tell...

I’ll Cover You

RENT none none none MARKI’ll meet you...

Happy New Year B

RENT none none none MAUREENI Think We...

Happy New Year

RENT none none none MARKPan to the...

Goodbye Love

RENT none none none MIMIIt’s True You...

Finale B

RENT none none none MIMII jumped over...

You Okay Honey?

A HOMELESS MANChristmas Bells Are RingingChristmas Bells Are RingingChristmas Bells Are RingingSomewhere Else!Not HereANGELYou Okay Honey?
COLLINSI’m Afraid So
ANGELThey Get Any Money?
COLLINSNoHad None To Get-But They Purloined My Coat-Well You Missed A Sleeve! – Thanks
ANGELHell It’s Christmas EveI’m Angel
COLLINSAngel..? IndeedAn Angel Of The First DegreeFriends Call Me Collins – Tom CollinsNice Tree ….
ANGELLet’s Get A Band-Aid For Your KneeI’ll Change, There’s A “Life Support”Meeting At Nine – ThirtyYes – This Body Provides A Comfortable HomeFor The Acquired Immune DeficiencySyndrome
ANGELWe’ll Get Along FineGet You A Coat, Have A BiteMake A Night – I’m Flush
COLLINSMy Friends Are Waiting–
ANGELYou’re Cute When You BlushThe More The Merry – Ho Ho HoAnd I Do Not Take No

Will I?

STEVEWill I Lose My DignityWill Someone CareWill I Wake TomorrowFrom This Nightmare?GROUP #1Will I Lose My DignityWill Someone CareWill I Wake TomorrowFrom This Nightmare?
GROUP #2Will I Lose My DignityWill Someone CareWill I Wake TomorrowFrom This Nightmare?
GROUP #3Will I Lose My DignityWill Someone CareWill I Wake TomorrowFrom This Nightmare?
GROUP #4Will I Lose My DignityWill Someone CareWill I Wake TomorrowFrom This Nightmare?
(Roger puts on his jacket and leaves the loft)

We’re Okay

Joanne(on cellular phone)Steve-JoanneThe Murget Case?A Dismissal!Good Work Counselor(The pay phone rings)We’re OkayHoneybear – Wait!I’m On The Other PhoneYes I Have The CowbellWe’re Okay(into cellular phone)So Tell Them We’ll SueBut A Settlement Will DoSexual Harassment – And Civil Rights TooSteve, You’re Great(into pay phone)No You Cut The Paper PlateDidja Cheat On Mark A Lot Would You Say?We’re OkayHoney, hold on…(into cellular phone)Steve, hold on…(SHE presses call waiting button oncellular phone)Hello?
Dad – YesI Beeped YouMaureen Is Coming To Mother’s HearingWe’re Okay(into pay phone)Honeybear – What?Newt’s Lesbian SisterI’ll Tell Him(into cellular phone)You Heard?(into pay phone)They HeardWe’re Okay(into cellular phone)And To You Dad(She presses call waiting as she says intopay phone)Yes – Jill Is There?(into cellular phone)Steve Gotta –(into pay phone)Jill With The Short Black Hair?The Calvin Klein Model?(into cellular phone)Steve Gotta Go!(into pay phone)The Model Who Lives In Penthouse A???We’reWe’re Okay
I’m On My Way

What You Own

MARK“Hi. Mark Cohen for Buzzline…Back to you Alexi. Comingup, vampire welfare queens who are compulsive bowlers.”Oh God, what am I doing?
Don’t Breathe Too DeepDon’t Think All DayDive Into WorkDrive The Other WayThat Drip Of HurtThat Pint Of ShameGoes AwayJust Play The Game
You’re Living In AmericaAt The End Of The Millennium
You’re Living Inn AmericaLeave Your Conscience At The Tone
And When You’re Lviging In AmericaAt The End Of The MillenniumYou’re What You Own
ROGERThe Filmmaker Cannot See
MARKAnd The Songwriter Cannot Hear
ROGERYet I See Mimi Everywhere
MARKAngel’s Voice Is In My Ear
ROGERJust Tighten Those Shoulders
MARKJust Clench Your Jaw Til You Frown
ROGERJust Don’t Let Go
BOTHOr You May Drown
You’re Living In AmericaAt The End Of The MillenniumYou’re Living In AmericaWhere It’s Like The Twilight Zone
And When You’re Living In AmericaAt The End Of The MillenniumYou’re What You Own
So I Own Not A NotionI Escape And Ape ContentI Don’t Own Emotion – I Rent
MARKWhat Was It About That Night
ROGERWhat Was It About That Night
BOTHConnection-In An Isolating Age
MARKFor Once-The Shadows Gave Way ToLight
ROGERFor Once The Shadows Gave Way ToLight
BOTHFor Once I Disengage
MARKAngel- I Hear You- I Hear ItI See It- I See ItMy Film!
ROGERMimi I See You- I See ItI Hear It- I Hear ItMy Song!
MARK (On the phone)Alexi – MarkCall Me A HypocriteI Need TO Finish MyOwn FilmI Quit! ROGEROne Song-GloryMimiYour Eyes
BOTHDying In AmericaAt The End Of The MillenniumWe’re Dying In AmericaTo Come Into Our OwnAnd When You’re Dying In AmericaAt The End Of The MillenniumYou’re Not Alone
I’m Not AloneI’m Not Alone

Voice Mail #5

ROGER & MARK’S VOICE“Speak…”(Beep)ROGER’S MOTHERRogerThis Is Your MotherRoger, Honey I Don’t Get These Postcards“Moving To Santa Fe”“Back In New YorkStarting A Rock Band”Roger, Where Are You? Please Call
(The following is sung simultaneously)
MIMI’S MOTHERMimi, Chica, Donde Esta?Tu Mama Esta YamandoDonde Estas’ Mimi Call
MR. JEFFERSONKitten – Wherever Are You–Call
MRS. COHENMark-Are You There-Are You ThereI Don’t Know If He’s ThereWe’re All Here Wishing You Were Here Too-Where Are You Mark Are You There AreYou Where Are YouMark-Are You There-Are You ThereI Don’t Know If Please Call Your Mother

Voice Mail #4

ROGER & MARK(outgoing message)Speak…ALEXI DARLINGMark CohenAlexi DarlingLabor Day WeekendIn East HamptonOn The BeachJust Saw Alec BaldwinTold Him You Say HiJust Kidding
We Still Need DirectorsYou Still Need MoneyYou Know You Need MoneyPick Up The PhoneDon’t Be Afraid Of Ker-Ching Ker-Ching
Mark – Sell Us Your SoulJust KiddingWe’re Waiting…

Voice Mail #2

MAUREENHi. You’ve reached Maureen and Joanne. Leave amessage and don’t forget “Over The Moon” – Myperfomance, protesting the eviction of the Homeless(and artists) from the Eleventh Street Lot. Tonight atmidnight in the lot between A and B. Party at LifeCafe to follow [BEEP]MR. JEFFERSONWell, Joanne – We’re OffI Tried You At The OfficeAnd They Said You’re Stage ManagingOr Something
MRS. JEFFERSONRemind Her That Those Unwed MothersIn HarlemNeed Her Legal Help Too
MR. JEFFERSONCall Daisy For Out Itinerary Or AlfredAt Pound RidgeOr Eileen At The State Department InA PinchWe’ll Be At The Spa For New Year’sUnless The Senator Changes His Mind
MR. JEFFERSONOh Yes – KittenMummy’s Confirmation Hearing BeginsOn The TenthWe’ll Need You – Alone – By The Sixth
MR. JEFFERSONYou Hear That?It’s Three Weeks AwayAnd She’s Already Nervous
MR. JEFFERSONFor Mummy’s Sake, KittenNo Doc Martens This Time And Wear ADress …Oh, And Kitten – Have A Merry

Voice Mail #3

MRS. COHENMark, It’s The Wicked Witch Of The WestYour MotherHappy New Year From ScarsdaleWe’re All Impressed That The RiotFootageMade The Nightly NewsEven Your Father Says MazeltovHoney – Call HimLove MomALEXI DARLING (on the machine)Mark CohenAlexi Darling From Buzzline
MARKOh, that show’s so sleazy.
ALEXI DARLINGYour Footage Of The Riots: A-OneFeater Segment-Network-Deal TimeI’m Sending You A ContractKer-Ching Ker-ChingMarky Give Us A Call 970-4301Or At Home Try 863-6754Or – My Cellphone At 919-763-0090Or – You Can Email MeAt Darling Alexi Newscom Dot NetOr – You Can Page Me At —

Voice Mail #1

ROGER & MARK’S OUTGOING MESSAGE“Speak” … (“Beeeep!”)MARK’S MOMThat Was A Very Loud BeepI Don’t Even Know If This Is WorkingMark – Mark – Are You ThereAre You Screening Your Calls –It’s Mom
We Wanted To Call And Say We Love YouAnd We’ll Mis You TomorrowCindy And The Kids Are Here – SendTheir LoveOh, I Hope You Like The Hot Plate
Just Don’t Leave It On DearWhen You Leave The House
Oh And MarkWe’re Sorry To Hear That MaureenDumped YouI Say C’est La VieSo Let Her Be A LesbianThere Are Other Fishies In The Sea
. . . Love Mom

Tune Up #3

MARKI don’t suppose you’d like to see Maureen’sshow in the lot tonight? Or come to dinner?ROGERZoom in on my empty wallet.
MARKTouche. Take your AZT.
Close On RogerHis Girlfriend AprilLeft A Note Saying “We’ve Got AIDS”Before Slitting Her Wrists In TheBathroom
I’ll check on you later. Change your mind. You haveto get out of the house

Tune Up #2

MARKTell The Folks At Home What You’reDoing RogerROGERI’m Writing One Great Song – –
MARKThe phone rings
MARKWe Screen
COLLINS“Chestnuts Roasting—“
ROGER & MARKCollins!
COLLINSI’m Downstairs
COLLINSRoger Picked Up The Phone??
MARKNo, It’s Me
COLLINSThrow Down The Key
MARKA Wild Night Is Now Pre-Ordained
COLLINSI May Be Detained
MARKWhat Does He Mean…?(Phone rings again)What Do You Mean – Detained?
MARK & ROGERBenny! Shit
BENNYDudes, I’m On My Way
MARK & ROGERGreat! Fuck
BENNYI Need The Rent
MARKWhat Rent?
BENNYThis Past Year’s Rent Which I Let Slide
MARKLet Slide? You Said We Were ‘Golden’
ROGERWhen You Bought The Building
MARKWhen We Were Roomates
ROGERRemember – You Lived Here?
BENNYHow Could I Forget?You, Me, Collins, And MaureenHow Is The Drama Queen?
MARKShe’s Performing Tonight
BENNYI KnowStill Her Production Manager?
MARKTwo Days Ago I Was Bumped
BENNYYou Still Dating Her?
MARKLast Month I Was Dumped
ROGERShe’s In Love
BENNYShe’s Got A New Man?
MARKWell – No
BENNYWhat’s His Name?
BENNYRent, My Amigos, Is DueOr I Will Have To Evict YouBe There In A Few
MARKThe power blows…

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