Ras Kass

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Arch Angels

Ras Kass none none none featuring Xzibit Xzibit...

Arch Angels

featuring Xzibit

Xzibit Intro:

Yo it's the almight Xzibit. In the Law House huh.

With Laylaw huh and D Mac huh (Ras Kass).

ntroducing huh. The nigga Ras Kass ha.

We all know and love him ha.

Yo let's bring it through youknowhatI'msayin'

bring that shit through nigga. What's up yo yo.

Ras Kass:

Well it's the R double AK triple S the letters of my name

For you and your bitch to unscramble on Soul Train

This Arch Angel got niggas hooked like crack babies

I think of bomb shit like my brain was made outta M-80s (caviar)

I flow 16 Pablo Escobar perverse perversion' so fat my dick got a double chin

My MCin' produce more seaman then wet dreamin'

Of hostin' BET with Rachel in the Caribbean

C-arson home of niggas with gold Visas and heaters

Sendin' Jesus subpoenas

(Got you singin' duets with Selena nigga)

So Sister Act

Cause black nun (none) get love

And I'm a have juice till Mark Ferman plants the bloody glove

I drive European cars and smoke Cuban cigars

Bring it phat to your ears like Warren G's keyloyds

From B-boys to D-boyz it's like shippin' keys from overseas

Please I move MC's like o.z.s


See niggas from outta town don't even fuck around

Ras Kass:

But there ain't no angel that you can strangle Los Angels


See handguns and girls that's the way of the underworld

Ras Kass:

There ain't no angel that you can strangle Arch Angels (say what?)

Ras Kass:

See left coast niggas is the Craziest

I dodge shotgun pellets in the felonious Los Skandalous

Golden State

Home of dysfunctional gang truces <b

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