Nice & Smooth

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The Sky’s The Limit

Nice & Smooth none none none Greg Nice: Sellin...

Return Of The Hip Hop Freaks

Nice & Smooth none none none Let's go all...

Sometimes I Rhyme Slow

Nice & Smooth none none none (Greg Nice) Sometimes...

Let’s All Get Down

Nice & Smooth none none none featuring Slick Rick...

Old To The New

Nice & Smooth none none none Chorus: Repeat 4X...

Do Whatcha Gotta

Nice & Smooth none none none Where is he...

Doin Our Own Thang

Nice & Smooth none none none Watch out now...

The Sky’s The Limit

Greg Nice:

Sellin out shows like John Mellencamp

Hype so hype call me Joe Amp

Skins be playin me close like a stamp

Its dark in here turn on the lamp

End of the month say what? you got the cramps

Now who is the man with the bag of tricks?

Hey it's not a problem that I can't fix

(And we been doing this since '86)

Now I don't want trouble

I'm humble like Barney Rubble

If you give me trouble, I'll give it back to you double

It ain't nothin but a little razor stubble

And don't make me burst that bubble

I like diamond links and minks and furs

With some cowboy boots without the spurs

Chorus: (Repeat 5X)

Check out the way we be rippin it

Sky's the limit, this is how we flippin it

Smooth B:

I'm happy to be alive, never took a dive

Used to hang out with this king who had 43 wives

Didn't know who he loved the most

So they all played him closer than butter on toast

For rhyme or reason, never treason

The kid was always in season

Took me to the players ball and all

Told me always keep my game tight and stand tall

Now I always have love for my people

Especially when they stayin on point like a steeple

But now more than ever we got to stick together

There's been enough bad weather

Take a look around you

I know it seems sometimes like negativity surrounds you

But don't let it stop you from gettim loot

If homegirl's frontin, than play her like a flute

Yo man start fakin than he can get the boot

Cause being on the block broke man ain't cute

Patience persistence

And all praises due for this physical existence

I always say

Return Of The Hip Hop Freaks

Let's go all the way daddy

I mean they gone have to rewrite the mackin book baby

cause I'm gone be the new king

They gone be talkin bout us like they been talkin bout Jesus

Chorus: It's the return of the hip hop freaks

It's the return of the hip hop freaks

It's the return of the hip hop freaks

I wanna do the nasty I wanna make you weak

Greg Nice:

Now five plus five equals ten

Jet black hair, butter soft skin

Chucky said, friends to the end

Walk this way I love that strut

It's alright, uhn shake that butt

Nails filed so neat and petite

Perfume aroma smell so sweet

Some may say, that sex is a sin

I wanna be an a witness ten

Umm baby tell me how I make you feel

Shed some light on your sex appeal

No cock block tonight, tell your girlfrien Jill

Pass the prophylactic and pop the pill

If the food tank stink, than use a Massengill

Peace to Arkill and Cypress Hill

Pop that coochie at your own will


Smooth B:

Don't give me no lip no

We came equip yo

Move to this funky beat like Calypso

Never was a ????

Dipped in the winter, dipped in the summer

Me and Greg Nice got money to make

Bring the rain, snow, hail, earthquake

New York, Brooklyn handle Melida

Met this girly Bita, twin sister name Sherita

When I ate the poom poom, she asked me could I beat her

Not with my fist, but beat her with my peter

Thought to myself, no idea sweeter

Butter complexion, super erection

Couldn't make a move without protection

Now I'm strapped type, ready for flight

Ahhh schooly wahwah


Sometimes I Rhyme Slow

(Greg Nice)

Sometimes I rhyme slow sometimes I rhyme quick

I'm sweeter and thicker than a chico stick

Here's an ice cream cone honey take a lick

I go to Bay Plaza and catch a flick

Wore my Timberland boots so I can stomp ticks

Scandalous get a wiff of this mist

Just like the Yar Boys now I'm blissed

I feel good per say good state of mind

Drive a red Sterling and the seats recline

I love it when a lady treats me kind

Go to Tavern on the Green have a glass of wine

He say, she say I heard it through the grapevine

No static, got an automatic

Too much of anything makes you an addict

Smooth B Greg Nice Slick Nick click

Sometimes I rhyme slow sometimes I rhyme quick…


(Smooth B)

Sometimes I rhyme slow sometimes I rhyme quick

I was on 125 and Saint Nick

Waiting on a cab, standing in the rain

Under my heart three clouds of pain

She got the best of me

What was her destiny?

Maybe I should lick her with my nine millime…ter

My mind is in a blur

Cause you could never pay me to think this would occur

Me and this girl Jane Doe was living together

We were inseparable, noone could sever

At least that's what I thought

But later I fought with her substance

And almost ended up in Supreme Court

When I was on the road doing shows getting biz

She was in my penz getting stiffy with her friends

And even when she crashed my whip I didn't flip

My man Slick Nick said Smooth you're starting to slip

Time went on I started noticing weight loss

Then I had to ask her was she riding the white horse

At first she said no, then she said yo Smooth I'm sorry

But I keep having visions of snow

I need doe

And I said woah little hottie

I'm not DeLorian, Gambino or Gotti

I don't deal coke, and furthermore you're making me broke

I'll put you in a rehab and I won't tell your folks

And what do you know

In 18 months she came home and I let her back in

And now she's sniffing again…


Let’s All Get Down

featuring Slick Rick

[Greg Nice]

I'm a live nigga standin out like a rash

A live nigga keep cash in a stash

What's the eggs without the cornbeef hash?

Blowin up like Sarah Dash

Jerkin up the neck known to cause whiplash

Dance and get down with me

Peep the steelo the strategy

What killed the cat's curiosity?

You better believe that I be freakin

Pull my ??? the M be leakin

Same MC who wreck shop at the Beacon

Uptown llingo is what I'm speakin

So put your pedal to the metal

And feet to the ground

And peep this uptown sound

It makes no sense in stadin around

Hey, it makes no sense just standin around

Chorus: repeat 2X

Come on everybody lets all get down

Come on everybody lets all get down

Come on everybody lets all get down

It makes no sense just standin around

[Slick Rick]

I'm chillin with Nice and Smooth with my Phat Farm outfit

They say what's up Rick what's up good to see you out kid

Where the party at, askin and relaxin

And pop a couple of Moe's listenin to some fat tracks with them

Being a kid locked, want to check the the scene and shit

Zulu Nation havin somethin tonight at the arena Greg

Lets get drunk and roll, said they like the sound of it

Rolled a couple of blunts, but Ruler wasn't down with it

??? want to go and hit somethin

Be off work release even if you get caught with weed in yo system

Be up north quick, since we all down to roll

Went to the club havin the upmost amount of fun

Shoul've heard them groupies scream for

Wonder why this brother lookin at me all mean for

Ignored it, kept wappin til my neck hurt

Then Greg Nice and

Old To The New

Chorus: Repeat 4X

This is how we take

The old from the new

The new to the old

The old from the New

[Greg Nice]

And if you pumpin in the BMZ pump it like this

You whip it in the BMZ pump it like this

You pump it in the Benz pump it like this

You pump it in the AC pump it like this

You pump it in the Jeep just pump it like this

Pump it in the Benz just pump it like this

Greg N I my IQ high like a hat

Ain't nothin wrong with my pockets stayin fat

No static at all, if so get the gack

You can't beat that with a baseball bat

All I wanna do is shine

Make some loot, and sip some wine

Buy me a mansion then recline

Have all the honey dips wine and grine

Its in my nature to be kind

Girlfriend what's your zodiac sign

Greg N-I chillin with my partner in crime

Smooth B

You seen us on MTV

90, 91, 92, 93

Uhn, ahh lala wui wui

Smooth B, uhn if you down with me

Step on the mic, step on the mic

Rock on, shock on, get on, get on

Rock on, rock it to the break of dawn


[Smooth B]

Yo, first no one knew that my skill were tight

That I could rock a mic all long and stay right

Man listen, when it come to rhymes I smell them

I got lyrics locked in my cerebellum

In other words brainstem

Like my man Rakim said, I'm better than the rest of them

I'm a tid bit smoother

I bust a rap like a Luger

I'm dreamy like Krueger

Smooth B, real in the flesh

Greg Nice my counterpart keepin the vibe fresh

And we can go on

From night to morn

Rippin the mic and leave the stage torn


Do Whatcha Gotta

Where is he now? The guy who used to put the cape on James Brown

Intro/Chorus: Greg Nice

Do what cha got ta do do whatcha gotta (3X)

International do the Lambada

Verse One: Greg Nice

Yes I'm the man with the mic in my hand

Give me elbow room it's time to expand

Styles that I be kickin is grand

Can't catch me with a radar scan

Now what's a rock what's a pebble what's a stone?

What's a bitin MC, that's a clone

I'm Big Willie on my cellular phone

All I wanna do is make the fly girls moan, hey!!

I bring drama like Prince

I been rippin microphones (how long?) ever since

Rubber boots and Lee suits

Three Card Molly and prostitutes

Get down, uhh! I stain like ink

Comin to your rescue just like Link

Tuesday night on my way to the rink

Bag me a dime piece dressed in pink

Chorus 2X

Verse Two: Smooth B

Now don't get uptight, I'm travelling at the speed of light

And everything's gonna be alright

Smooth B, sort of like an action figure

Uptown Boogie Down Bronx rap nigga

Doin what I gotta

Gonna make the Planet Rock like Afrika Bambaata

Peace to Red Alert

Aiyyo, back up from the ropes, so no one gets hurt

It's the MC with the golden charm

Dustin rappers off with the golden arm

This style deals with the mic in my palm

I never leave my crib without readin the psalms

I gotta read my scriptures for they keep me refined

I gotta keep my nine for the deaf dumb and blind

Rewind selector, lead by supreme protector

keepin the tax collector

off my back, and I could never afford to have wack, styles

of rap, che

Doin Our Own Thang

Watch out now

Shit you didn't tell homey that and walked on out the joint



We just doin our own thang thang thang

We be doin our own thang thang thang

We just doin our own thang thang thang

(Freaky deaky deaky you don't stop stop)

[Greg Nice]

Put your hand up high high now put em high

(repeat 8X)

Uno dos tres one two three

Its the fly kid Greg N I-C-E

Down with my partner in crime Smooth B

We always 4 deep in the Diamante

Ridin around to boogie down without a care

Stop at the light, the people stop and stare

They say, yo Rick here come the chubby cheek fella

The one who kick the rhymes like a fortune teller

So I went downtown to the P.R Parade

The ?? skins they got it made

Let me touch your wet body, lay it in the shade

And kiss you down there cause I'm not afraid

Now don't go run tellin all yo friends

That yo, Mr. Chubby cheeks ate the skins

Cause if you do, I'll have a flashback and run ant tell the crew

And do what I gotta do

Greg N-I, low key, downlow

Rhymin fast, rhymin slow

Intoxicated from the hydro

No, yo, I didn't say blow

Put your hands up high and act like you know

The funk I be kickin is crit-i-cal


[Smooth B]

Time and again, I reflect way back in the day

I used to say

I wanna be a rap star

Drive a big car

People know who we are, by far

It was more to it

Had to run through it, pursue it

Hmm, just do it

A dream came to, but not a fairytale

I can tell you a scary tell, but no on this track

I prefer to

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