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Nesian Mystik none none none [Intro:] Tokyo girls goin...

Life Is Yours

Nesian Mystik none none none [Intro (adlib)][Sabre (Verse...

From… Now!

Nesian Mystik none none none [Awa (Chorus):] Thats why...

Outta This World

Nesian Mystik none none none [Sabre (Intro):] Houston, we...

Star Gazing

Nesian Mystik none none none [Dmon (Chorus):] I know...

Make It Happen

Nesian Mystik none none none [Intro:] Its Nesian baby we...

Waiting On You

Nesian Mystik none none none [Oldwun (Verse 1):] Either...

Sun Goes Down

Nesian Mystik none none none [Awa (Chorus):] My baby please...

Fresh Boyz

Nesian Mystik none none none [Oldwun (Intro):] Yall know...

Game Over

Nesian Mystik none none none [Sabre:] Playing it safe...

Dance Floor

Nesian Mystik none none none [Chorus:] Meet you at...

Nesian 101

Nesian Mystik none none none [Intro:] Yall know the...

Break Drop Flow

Nesian Mystik none none none [Chorus:] You can feel...

Mr Mista

Nesian Mystik none none none [Hook:] All I hear...


Nesian Mystik none none none [Awa:] Small town boy...

I Don’t Usually

Nesian Mystik none none none [Junz:] See the mood...

You Already Know

Nesian Mystik none none none [Sabre:] Thought we were...


Nesian Mystik none none none [Awa:] I can’t stand...

Magazine Dreams

Nesian Mystik none none none [Chorus:] Magazine to bright...

Just Be Me

Nesian Mystik none none none Everybody’s trying to...


Nesian Mystik none none none [Chorus:] Its like Daaam!!!...

Come And Get It

Nesian Mystik none none none [Oldwun:] Let the beat...

Home Coming

Nesian Mystik none none none [Junz:] Somebody call Alabama, Coz...

Can’t Stop The Progress

Nesian Mystik none none none [Intro:] Brothers and sisters I...

Yours Sincerely

Nesian Mystik none none none [Verse:] Sometimes I tend...


Nesian Mystik none none none [Chorus:] Same old rhyme...

Sail Away

Nesian Mystik none none none [Verse:] So tell me...

Robbin’ Hood Heroes

Nesian Mystik none none none [Verse:] Rags to riches...

Gone Did It

Nesian Mystik none none none What’s it gone...

If It’s Cool

Nesian Mystik none none none [Verse:] Feels good, it’s...


Nesian Mystik none none none [Chorus:] Keep time with...

One Time

Nesian Mystik none none none [Chorus:] One time for...

Don’t Worry

Nesian Mystik none none none [Chorus:] So don’t you...

Common Sense

Nesian Mystik none none none Do what you...

What’s Next

Nesian Mystik none none none [Chorus:] What will it...

Lost Visionz

Nesian Mystik none none none So much dirt...


Nesian Mystik none none none [Chorus][Te Awanui and...


Nesian Mystik none none none [Chorus][Te Awanui:] Well at...

Operation F.O.B.

Nesian Mystik none none none [Che Fu:] Nesian Mystik[Te...

Soul Release

Nesian Mystik none none none Oh yes yes...


Nesian Mystik none none none There exists no...

Roots Discussion

Nesian Mystik none none none [Verse 1][Te Awanui:] I...

Let Me In

Nesian Mystik none none none [Verse 1][Te Awanui:] So...

For The People

Nesian Mystik none none none Listen in right...


Nesian Mystik none none none It’s been a...

Nesian Style

Nesian Mystik none none none Nesian style is...

A Brief Reflection

Nesian Mystik none none none [Verse 1][Donald:] This goes...

For The People

Nesian Mystik none none none Listen in right...

Nesian Style

Nesian Mystik none none none ~Chorus~Nesian style is...


Tokyo girls goin outta control
Auckland city central, Nesian shortie’s like whoa
Mr. Wise with the Freshboyz, everybody knows
its about to go down, haji meru kono show![Awa (Verse 1):]
Trust me
then just follow my lead (I’ll follow you)
stay close, and let me know
are you ready? (Me haere taua)[Awa (Chorus):]
So give it to me
Sacrifice your insecurities
So give it to me[Oldwun (Chorus):]
We gon’ blow the place, blow the place, blow this place up [x2]
I said in about a minute we gon’ blow this place up
It’s gettin hot in here [x4]
It’s gettin hot hot, it’s gettin hot hot
It’s gettin hot in here, it’s gettin hot, hot, hot, hot[Sabre (Verse 2):]
Grew up the boy wonder superman
mr. Skywalker mic in hand
risk no but danger maybe
rest assure I do it on a daily
stealth mode on the cut like smooth
synchronize times for that rendezvous
make sure the coast clear keeps your ear to the ground
cause it’s about to go down[Chorus][Mr Wise (Verse 2)][Chorus][Junz (Bridge):]
Somebody ring the alarm, evacuate the floor,
because, In about a minute we give the party people what they waiting for. [x2][Chorus][Outro]

Life Is Yours

[Intro (adlib)][Sabre (Verse 1):]
FYI to those concerns, RSVP life lessons learnt
Yeah i seen some ashes, clip my wings
but I can’t let hurt define what the future brings
burnt bridges, cut ties
thought about my wrists, but could never say good bye
cause no matter how bad it gets
somehow I see my mum’s face and i can’t accept
life without the smile of my son
my daughter’s eyes when i use the love
felt pain i never knew exist
but if i can’t make right then what’s left ya dig
truth be told it’s seems easy to let go
so I got to catch a grip and just hold on
tunnel visions what I’m trying to achieve
at the end of the day only got 1 life to lead.[Awa (Chorus):]
When the world seems to be
falling around me
I try, yes I try, to keep on moving up
I keep on moving up
whenever times get tough
dont let anything get in your way
this life is yours and it starts from today.[Oldwun (Verse 2):]
I see a world full of sunlight that outshines the darkness
a life full of hope that outcasts the heartless
love with no parallels, dreams beyond bounds
cloud 9 in sight and it’s safe to touchdown
over induldge in the goodtimes (goodtimes)
stay afloat on the good vibes (good vibes)
wipe the dust from my eyes cos I’m ready to see
I’m in control of the world in front of me.[Junz (Verse 3):]
Yeah, so I take time to breathe
When the going gets tough I got to dig deep inside
Coz it’s only you on my mind
This is what I got to do in order to supply for my,
Fams that got my back and I owe it all to you to stay on track
So ima stay true to you, so when I get it we can kick like we use to.[Chorus][adlib][Chorus out]

From… Now!

[Awa (Chorus):]
Thats why from now on
I’m going to enjoy every day
cause life is too short
so i’m gone get on with it if i may[Sabre (Verse 1):]
(For way to long I was blinded)
Wasn’t in the mood for surprises
The mundane pays good I can’t complain
Or can I cause some days good ain’t enough Why am I
Driven but not sure of the destination
Side track on my journey always on vacation
Can’t afford another lost day
Literally I have no time for regret to back pay
(For way to long I was tryin)
To hide in my 9 to 5
Between moments I catcher are second to think
Is this what my life was suppose to be
Overwhelmed I knuckle down and put my hand to the grind
Destiny is seems to be the theme of my life
So many questions I tend to forget
The answers in the doing sidelines for the dead[Chorus][Oldwun (Verse 2):]
(For way to long I was blinded)
I didn’t take the world for what it is
I ignored the bad, only saw the innocence
the ugliness unmasked itself somethin like a horror flick
it truely opened up my eyes, started seeing the deception and the orchastrated lies
I saw it for the first time, the world I grew to know was nothin more than a disguise
(For way to long I was tryin)
to understand what was happenin
I couldn’t turn away, I had to start acceptin it
I pulled the blinds from my eyes, told myself that’s how it is
and I grew wiser with time, been burnt by the best, learnt to read between the lines
one of the lessons in life, can’t stand hidden agendas, that’s why I speak my mind.[Chorus][Junz (Verse 3):]
So lets go,
(For way to long I was blinded)
Yeah I got paint in my eyes dame
I got a spray can in my hand
I’m hitting up my mark where ever I am
I’m trying to be the man, have the same feeling like passing exams
Then came scandalous lies ever since I was only yay high
(For way to long I was tryin)
To be H.N.I.C, to make people recognize me
To have shorty calling out Gee
Never thought about L.I.F.E, but now I got my own family
Love what you do, Do what you love
It’s not about me any more, It’s all for my son.[Chorus]

Outta This World

[Sabre (Intro):]
Houston, we have contact, she’s the one
she ain’t like the rest (tell the truth man)
you know, she’s straight outta this world[Awa (Chorus):]
You got me baby
You’re one of a kind
Give you the sun, the moon
The stars in the sky
You’re incredible, out of this world
It’s like…[Verse insert:]
I can’t explain
The way you got me going crazy
Lady, lady[Oldwun (Verse 1):]
4, 3, 2, 1….
She got my mind blastin off like an Astronaut
as hot as Mercury with these galactic thoughts
outta this world,
yo this chick is straight up cosmic
looks far from regular,
you could call her telescopic
you could be my Venus, I could be your Mars
you outshine the rest cos you a Evening Star
it’s that dimple in your mind that makes you shine so bright
what your doin to me, you got me feelin like…[Awa (verse insert):]
(I cant explain the way you got me going crazy, baby, baby)
Your sexyness got me beamin’, gotta Klingon to that
got me Trek’n Stars tryna believe the facts
it’s that craziness that Cupid done bring
got me wrapped around you like Jupiters ring.[Chorus][Sabre (Verse 2):]
Got me light headed
defying gravity
spaced out,right route for her galaxy
because as far as i’m concerned
she ain’t from around here, so it’s my mission to learn
could it be you and me were made to shine
sun to my moon just reflecting light
magnitism controlling my high tide
G-force effect everytime she arrives[Awa (verse insert):]
Not fly by nightly shooting star
but i’m forever falling for you from a far
that’s where it ends with the star comparison
their shine fades in contrast it’s embarassing[Chorus][Junz (Verse 3):]
Straight Outta this world, I couldn’t even imagine
had me lost in space from the time I landed
I can’t explain what you do to me
coz I’m drawn to you girl like gravity
got Gee going crazy, sight getting hazy, focus on your vision so amazing
now every night I wish upon a star, so I can take flight to be where you are.[Chorus x2 out]

Star Gazing

[Dmon (Chorus):]
I know it seems kind of bright
it’s easy with these lights
for me to forget why I came
caught up with the stars
like you know who we are!
got no time for waiting[Sabre (Verse 1):]
I’m looking for that green light, and stacks with the rubber bands
different presidents same colour, once they hear my jam
golden child like I’m from the land of the rising son
so red alert we ain’t stopping till the job is done
blues how I came up, must be the SA in me
cross so many oceans so far from the 183
Coco butter brown representing my daughter and son
Need I say more why we coming for that number one[Junz (Verse 2):]
See the horizon over yonder, Yeah I’m on my way
I don’t wonder, yo I ponder how my flows gon’ pay
then I switch it up a little then strip it back
watch my digits quadruple up in my bank
then I take that, double my stacks,
take that there, put half in the bank,
then I take my ends, repeat it again,
now tell me if you understand,
I aint no player, it’s no game, this a war, I’m a soldier,
recognize the name, yeah we already told ya.[Chorus][Oldwun (Verse 3):]
Still on that hustle 25yrs young,
still on that Nesian tip, Tha Kid Oldwun
stay on that grind till my family right
ain’t givin’ up untill my mamma sleep proper at night
still reppin’ that hood Grey Lynn, Ponsonby
Sandringham, Mt. Albert, down to P.C Beach
ain’t nothin’ changed, still puttin’ in work
still it ain’t about me, it’s for my peoples ya heard[Junz (Verse 4):]
Yeah, Yo,
my mind keeps going in time like clock-work,
my rhymes keep laying these lines like crosswords,
I hit the Freeway and Take it to the top,
then I drop it Jay Z baby show me what you got,
I do this for my #1 and #2, my #2 is new, my #1 is 2yrs,
I do it for the both of you and don’t forget your mama too,
I stay on the hustle, we keep on the grind,
you gotta get yours, me I gotta get mine.[Chorus][Oldwun (Verse 5):]
Gotta understand it damn it, still alot that y’all don’t see
through all the glitz n glamour, Tha Kid won’t change for nobody
Call me my Brothers keeper, call me a Sisters “joy”
always been my Fathers son, still remain to this day a Mamma’s Boy
that’s just the way it is, ain’t nothin gonna change that
no amount of money or bright lights could ever fade that
but you know what, straight up man, I could never just say that
from way back, cue playback, my word is bond and it’s stayed that![Chorus out]

Make It Happen

Its Nesian baby
we got you saying
sha mon
Thats right
Sha mon[Awa (Chorus):]
We can make it happen
For tonight
We can make it happen
If you like[Sabre (Verse 1):]
don’t mind me slip in on the low key
and unlock dreams like I’m martin Luther king
reserve my time only for the real
no trill Rick ross sorry but i’m the boss
make it happen overnight so complain to Revlon
bullet point my rhymes no need for Teflon
word association memories plus good times
fresh boyz Nesian yeah we set the mood dam right
kind of crunk but still the beats bang
VIP yet still it’s a hood thang
DJ Notiq hold it down on the 1 and 2’s
so yes got requests I’ll see what i can do
S A B can’t leave the mic alone
if you want it to happen hold up i got just the song[Chorus][Oldwun (Verse 2):]
I’ma take that, rewind it back
make that Magic happen like I’m Penny in his throwback
Zo & Tiggalo on that soul track/ sippin on that Cognac
got the club snappin like it’s Kodak
Hocus Pocus now my focus changed
now I’m all up in the spot tryna know her name
let her know that I’m callin the plays, cos she know that her boy got Game
“What’s up lady, where are you stayin?”
Get the bar to keep flowin Petrone, girl handling Shot’s like she Al Capone
Next thing ya know we pullin upto her home,
I know she hungry cos she bite the pillow
pull out her phone for that x-rated replay
she wanna be America’s next Kim K[Chorus][Awa (Bridge x2):]
Tell me what you want
I’ll be your sugar daddy
Anything that you like
You have me[Junz (Verse 3):]
So have you gotta
minute to talk, a minute to walk
coz I aint playing no games, yo I’m in it for sure
give me your name and your number, baby I will call you
let you bring your crew to the rendezvous
it’s all good, where the boyz so hood in the city
where the girls looking pretty, Let you know do-a-didi Oo
say you wanna roll like PN whoa, baby we can go,
Yeah, Come on’
pin stripes, that’s right, pink n black on the rack,
Evisu Jeans be low in the back,
you looking so good, me my bad self,
I really no I shouldn’t but I just can’t help,
Sunrise, A day in the life of THE FRESH Boyz,
Sunset, Party all night with THE FRESH Boyz,
N.E.S to the I.A.N,
as soon as your ready we gon do it again.[Chorus x2 out]

Waiting On You

[Oldwun (Verse 1):]
Either you is, ya ain’t, you will, ya won’t
ain’t no half steppin the question, either ya do, you don’t
ain’t no ultimatium subsiding the under lyin point
need you back to earth with me like a flip of a coin
it’s flippin annoying, but you the ying to my yang
love songs vouch with me everytime that they’re sang
but I can’t keep waiting in vain for nobody
if you can’t give me a yes or a no then I’m sorry[Awa (Chorus):]
Just make up your mind
I can’t waste my time
waiting on you
Just make up your mind
I can’t waste my time
if this aint for you[Junz (Verse 2):]
Yeah.. Like PCD I hate this part right here,
so baby talk to me coz we gotta be clear,
you and I got history, so why aint this in the past,
trying to pursue my dream be the reason I ask,
coz my times running like sand through the hour glass,
I ain’t frontin’ this could be my last chance,
I ain’t taking no breaks, accepting no rainchecks,
so where do we go next.[Chorus][Sabre (Verse 3):]
Questions are many answers are none
words escape defining what we have now more of a Ho-Hum
honey got me reeling from the lines i cast
you’re a catch but i can’t miss the boat if you don’t want to dance
takes two to tango i ain’t stepping on your toes
or leading in a direction that you don’t want to go
I got a one way ticket and i ain’t turning back
so if you can’t handle the heat best hit the road jack
make up your mind start with the foundation
dust off regard and be real no hesitation
don’t powder the truth, this lifestyle ain’t for the faint of heart
if you with me grab a paddle man and let’s make a start
or make an end depart like Noah’s ark
two by two if you ain’t the one then disembark
so is it Bon voyage or say la vee?
either way times up what will it be[Junz (Bridge x2):]
Do you know what you want love, it’s confusing
you were down, now your pick-n-choosing
be real, chill with the games
here when I say, can’t deal the pain.[Oldwun (Verse 4):]
You drivin me crazy with if, but’s and maybe’s
claim its a rare occurrence, happens on the daily
gimme some leeway, somethin thats certain,
end of the day you the only one thats hurtin
Im tryna understand you, but I cant read your mind
why cant you be more decisive, and stop wastin my time
agree to disagree my point you cant fathom
can only take so much of in between answers[Chorus out]

Sun Goes Down

[Awa (Chorus):]
My baby
please don’t leave me now
kiss me till the sun goes down
Please don’t leave me now
kiss me till the sun goes down
goes down
goes down
Kiss me till the sun goes down
goes down
goes down
Kiss me till the sun goes down[Sabre (Verse 1):]
Told the crew I’m out, off to the other side of town
info on a need to know, keep it on the low now
one more day, then I’m on my way
trying to make the most still seeing your face
don’t want think about it rather stay in denial
pretend it ain’t a fact at least for the meanwhile
but for the moment being we in our own world
make me feel like jay, so you must be my dream girl[Chorus][Junz (Verse 2):]
Yeah! Touchdown, destination abroad
vision of homebase way heavy on my thoughts
intiate distraction, match fashion, action,
Step on scene, G double E makes is happen
I think you’re hellava, hellava if it’s cool,
Holla at a brother for another rendevous,
I’m sending my love and I’m a seal it with a kiss,
I aint never had a love like this.[Chorus][Awa (Bridge):]
No tears
That’s what I keep saying in my head
Trying to hold it together
Scared I might lose you forever, and ever[Oldwun (Verse 3):]
So understand me when I wanna kiss n caress
gotta move your body closer,
love me unlike the rest
it feels so right,
she be why me heart melt like ice
in de middle of de night,
make de naughtiness nice
so let me work it, work it,
while you twurk it, twurk it
got me mind overtime thinkin dirty, dirty
I know you feel the vibe when we together
ha’u ke ta ki’ alu ‘ eva eva[Chorus out]

Fresh Boyz

[Oldwun (Intro):]
Yall know what it is, its that Freshboy Remix!!!
Junz, Sabre, A to the w a, Dmon, DJ Notiq, Tha Kid Oldwun,
and MC Scribe[Scribe (Verse 1):]
Who got that hotness?!
Scribble man rock this,
prolific when I kick it Nesian Mystik yo I got this
I wrap better than Kostas, on time like clock is
even shave my hair like britney spears cause Im so toxic and
all eyes on me in the middle of a ring just like a circus
I spit verses perfect like whoop! there it is
Freshboyz got this locked like a depository box
the anthems about to drop, who else can spit it this hot huh?![Oldwun (Chorus):]
Who got that hotness?
Who got that hotness?
You? You tryna test me?
Who came to rock this?
Who came to rock this?
You? Well let me see![Oldwun (Verse 2):]
Don’t really matter what you do when you do your dance just keep it movin
don’t matter if ya hands in the air or ya down on the ground just keep it movin
don’t stop, get it, get it, if the beat breaks then catch up with it
if you caught up then lose control, ladies GO![Awa (Hook 1):]
The music makes me move so naturally, I cant help myself [x2][Junz & Sabre (Hook 2):]
Kinda like the funky chicken but move side to side
first hands to the left and bring em back to the right
kriss kross twice like your playing hopscotch
then slide it right back and do the rock from the top[Chorus][Oldwun (Verse 3):]
Wanna see everybody in the place get loose, whoop
pretty simple to do don’t get confused, there it is
if you think you got it, then let me know, cos we ain’t stopping till the ladies go[Hook 1][Awa (Bridge):]
Fresh boyz, Fresh girlz, they know that we got it going on yeah
Fresh boyz, Fresh girlz, cant stop cause we got it going on yeah[Hook 1][Chorus][Hook 2 (x2)]

Game Over

Playing it safe ain’t in my nature so I could never just ride the beat/ Coming with soul bringing that flow…yeah it’s got to be/ Counting the costs while making these moves like monopoly/ On the beat Dmon sends his apologises/ Call me Kamikaze Kasumi riding beside me….yes/ The kid is blessed with a full tank of consciousness/ A knack for rhythm slim division between that koo koo clock precision/ A head of competition while others only speak revision/[Junz:]
We’ve come too far to turn back,
Come so far you know that it’s game over,
Ain’t no extra credits here,
All you challengers beware, the warning said so if you dare,
Step up, get put down, you know how,
Just like em dog’s at the dog pound,
Try’na be top dog of my home town,
Yo it’s on now.[Chorus:]
So don’t go no where,
This time, Nesian gone make you clap your hands,
Gone keep your hands up in the air[Oldwun:]
I said the Game is over, I thought I told you that / we overloading epic flows over the dopest tracks / drop the hopeless act, yeah I seen you kind before / you, talkin’ that talk I heard a thousand times before / I said we still, running the game and / still got they hands up, running that game plan / still do it for the people in NZ & Japan / So you could say it aint over, It where the game stands[Sabre:]
Deliver a classic like I was inking these rhymes with a quiver/ Drop more gems than holograms so counterfeits shiver/ We’ve been patiently waiting our time yonder in the wings/ Counting the number of weather weights claiming to be kings/ Watching swans turn to goose and ducks turn to geese/ Trying to raise the bread yet rookies ain’t even brought the yeast/ Never been a scholar but got schooled to the game/ Redeem the music for the maker so the patents is changed/[Chorus][Junz:]
See im walking in silence,
Im walking but minus,
My thought’s that be byes,
To many men of biters so,
Don’t try to try it,
If you try this, then i might just,
Turn up the vibes the highest,
We’ve paid the highest prices,
No more to be repeated,
Whack performance completed,
Stages that we’ve competed,
Che’s highest score undefeated, Yes
Some imitate it never duplicate it of course,
The way we size it up is by the sound of the applause.[Oldwun:]
Is there really a need to repeat it cos I cant give em a reason / for Nesian to tease em, please em and leave em / but that’s just the way that it goes / so many they came and they said that / they’ll be in it right up to the end and after descending that was the end and aint never heard of or seen em again / aint no pretendin’, Nesian aint goin nowhere yo we here to stay / for years to come the streets will always remember the name / So many they knockin it, no stopping it / we continue on droppin hot for them, Nesian you know we get it, get it poppin, poppin..[Chorus]

Dance Floor

Meet you at the dance floor
Baby lets pretend
You are my girl
I am your man[Awa:]
I know it’s not for real
But we can groove like
We were lovers underneath the moonlight
Just till the end of the song
Then we can go back to what we were doing before[Oldwun:]
When you hear this jam play its time for me and you / to meet in the middle of the floor for that rendezvous / nobody else matters in the spot but us / anybody got a problem move to the back of the bus / aint no fussin’, no hidden agenda’s, theres no frontin / when it comes to us, you know its pure lovin / if it just so happens to lead to somethin’ somethin’ / when it time to leave you aint telling your friends nothin’..[Chorus][Junz:]
So speaking hypothetically,
your out feeling the scene,
got your hair down, on the floor dancing with me,
just a lil bit of time is all it takes,
to step to the edge and take that leap of faith,
So when ever you ready, it’s OK,
For 3minutes and 30seconds,
Come n sway my way,
get up and step out to the land of opportunity,
Nothing to worry about, Just you n me.[Sabre:]
Fast forward three years and we’re still on the floor
But this time it’s for real you’re my girl
Matter fact lets be precise you’re my wife
And Mr DJ still holds it down tonight
But this be the special edition the encore track
Dedicated to you, got the Dance floor packed
Our eyes meet together in the centre of the room
In amongst the crowd but all I see is you[Bridge:]
Let me break it on down,
Break it down like a slow jam,
Just take my hand, (just take my hand),
Cause right now I’m your man[Chorus]

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