Nas Featuring Dr. Dre

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Nas Is Coming

Nas Featuring Dr. Dre none none none [Nas] Motherfuckin Dre![Dre]...

Nas Is Coming

[Nas] Motherfuckin Dre!
[Nas] Whassup my nigga?
[Dre] Sup NAS?
[Nas] Chillin God
[Dre] Niggaz is up in here hittin some of this CHRONIC nigga
[Nas] Yeah and this chocolate over here
They mixed this shit up
[Dre] Nigga hit some of this shit nigga
[Nas] Yeah, lemme get that
I'm tired of these niggaz, niggaz stealin beats
And niggaz is stealin, your whole techniques and shit
Niggaz wanna take everything from a nigga man
[Dre] Yeah yeah yo Nas it's like this man
("Nas is coming..")
Niggaz can't do it like I do it, d'yaknahmsayin?
Just like niggaz can't do what you do
("Nas is coming..")
[Nas] Right, right
[Dre] You know, can't nobody fuck with this
("Nas is coming..")
You know all these niggaz out here just..
("Nas is coming..")
talkin this East coast West coast bullshit
Niggaz need to kill that shit
("Nas is coming..")
and make some money, y'know?
[Nas] WORD!
("Nas is coming..")
[Dre] Fuck it
[Nas] What is it, what is it God?
("Nas is coming..")
[Dre] Let's get together, make some fuckin music
[Nas] Right, that's what I'm sayin, that's what I'm sayin
[Dre] and get PAID, and just.. let that be it
("Nas is coming..")
All these niggaz talkin all this bullshit
("Nas is coming..")
better sit back, and watch what happens
("Nas is coming..")

The Golden Child chop that ass up, you was holdin out
Let the streets be the court – and corners hold the trial
Fatal not fictitious
I rock the cable 86 ??, foreign cars young with crazy bitches
Mad smoke makes me able to quote
Solicitin, ill editions of that Murder I WRote
A provocative plan, can bring a knot to my hand
As the pyramids that stand on top of the sand<b

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