Major Figgas

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Yeah That’s Us

Major Figgas none none none Yeah that's usUh-huhI...

Yeah That’s Us

Yeah that's us
I think this the one here
Turn the beat up just a little bit
I like this here
EA all day

Yo who them playas makin money now? (Yeah that's us)
Wrist glis when its sunny now (Yeah that's us)
Cristal at the bar now (Yeah that's us)
20 inches on the car now (Yeah that's us)
But who them playas most hated now? (Yeah that's us)
Straight from the hood but we made it now (Yeah that's us)
Plaques platinum plated now (Yeah that's us)
MF come on baby say it now (Yeah that's us)

Verse 1 (Spade)
Yo listen here playboy we gone get that dough
Face of the Cartier tic tac toe
Cats sayin, "Spade where you get that flow?"
Smoke to the sky when I hit that dro
Three to the five as we skip that four
What you need to know where my crib at for?
I know cats be on some slimy shit
And they be floggin in them whips we had in '96
And when Tone died it left my mind in a twist
Yeah that's us at the bar with the Don and the Cris
And I promise you this
Blow up I'm gone do that
5 coupe land on the lot royal blue that
Real dog never drop soil where his food at
Don't shit where you eat
And don't spit if you weak (I don't feel like hearing it)
New Benz driver's kick matchin feet
Platinum on the chain Alaskan in the piece
Yeah that's us


Verse 2 (Ab Live)
Smooth thug with the good hair
Mami wanna holla now
Oh he Live?
Mami wanna swallow now
And put the condom down
Nah love
She love me when I'm smooth but hate me when I'm thug
She love me in them jewels playa never been a scrub
She love me in the cream thing soft butter gud
She fien to put the cream thing (Yeah that's us)
Went ruffle up the cream linen prada shhh wha
The boot to the echo mar prada shh wha
Like 10 off the S-5 nada shh wha
Got hotta shh wha playa (Yeah that's us)
You seen us d

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