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Nasty Dancer

Kilo none none none [Intro] Yeah get...

White Horse

Kilo none none none [Intro] I have...

Donkey Kong

Kilo none none none Go go go...

Nasty Dancer

[Intro] Yeah get money Do what I want her to She dancer for money Do what I wanna do
[Chorus] I’m your nasty dancer dancer for money Do what you want me to do (do what I what her to) I’m your freaky dancer dancer for money I’ll do what you want me to do (do what I what her to)

[Verse 1] Pass the salt shaker so I can make her Shake that salt all over my plate So you wanna get paid here the table though Put a legband on you a project ho Now drop that shit don’t waste no time Ain’t no rules could this be mine A high price ho with a body like that ? much butt but I wonder what it shaped like Jam a jammy, jammy a jam All y’all tricks need to get with the program So shake it one time Let me see you stomp and grind Here a butt, there a butt everywhere a butt butt Booty all around I’m glad y’all found me Cuz I’ve been in a daze With all this pussy in my face Ow, so shortie what’s up with that You wanna work gotta unzip your backpack And let me see you do the rabbit in the hat trick Cuz these niggas be lovin’ that shit Don’t stop, get it, get it Don’t stop work with it Don’t stop just get it Shake that shit don’t stop work with it
Chorus (x2)
[Verse 2] It’s her attitude that puts me in the mood Shit, shit, shit And it feels so right, it can’t be wrong I could watch her do this all night long She’s a fine girl but all the other girls All think she’s a freak Gotta make that money honey Can’t be livin’ on the streets >From the front to the back, from the front to the back I didn’t know she could dance like that Ooh she so nasty And I just might do anything she asked me Cuz she for real And she got my nature hard as steel But it ain’t nothin’ but a shake your booty thing I see booty comin’ all out the g-string Let me see you in your birthday suit Baby gotta dance to get this loot So loose my money honey Let me see the little pink bunny Now when I’m in the club I’m in the front row I like to tip, tip, tip the hoes Niggas in the club sittin’ all alone If you ain’t got no money take your broke ass home
Yes I’ll dance (do your dance) Yes I’ll dance (do your dance) Yes I’ll dance, I’ll da-a-ance (x2)

White Horse

[Intro] I have a dream today That one day this nation will rise up And little black children And little white children Will hold hands
[Verse 1] I’m a black man living in this white man’s world I gotta watch my back he might rape my girl Cuz he did one time he’ll do that shit again I’m the black american with the paperback skin Now all he ever gave me was a knot and a rope Cracker get your hands off my throat And unlock these chains and let me go And don’t hit me with that whip no more All told me that America was 50/50 I’ve been bamboozled, hoodwaggled, tricked me Why all the time my people gotta suffer It’s the white man, you a dirty little hustler And you rather see a nigga dead and rotten Or somewhere on a cotton field picking cotton But a brother like me I can’t touch that shit So you better give me my money bitch Now you wanna kill me with your AIDS and your crack I’ll help the Indians take the motherfucker back And run over them white boys Give the money and the guns and the power to the black boys And build a whole new nation And burn all the politicians as a demonstration Check the voice, black people don’t you ride no

White horse, don’t ride no white horse Don’t you ride no horse (x2)
[Verse 2] I’ll never marry a white girl, I’ll stay single Cuz those hoes just want Mandingo Back in the day a nigga would’ve got hung Black ass nigga you know you wrong I ain’t saying nothing, white man gonna get ya Look like O.J. shoulda stayed with that sista but Can’t tell a nigga nothing Cuz the black man always trying to be something else besides hisself Nigga this a matter of life and death Stick with your kind Cuz some of us niggas done lost our minds And it makes me wonder Who let Jane in the jungle Amongst the real man I’ma run that goddamn bitch back to Tarzan Make me sick on my stomach All praises due to Elijah Muhammed Cuz I hear no evil, I see no evil, I speak no evil I love no evil Pull your panties back up Cuz that ain’t the pussy I like to fuck And I’ma check the voice Black man don’t you fuck no
White horse, don’t ride no white horse Don’t you love no white horse (x2)

[Verse 3] I ain’t Martin Luther King but I still got a dream That one day my people gonna see this scheme and Open they eyes up One day this nation will rise up I’ve been to the promised land But it ain’t promising nothing to the black man Struggling is all I see Cuz struggling is all he ever gave to me And his father before him and his daddy before him Now they try to treat a nigga just like them And we the last of the slaves But the policeman tell me to behave Or he’ll revoke my pass And throw them chains back on my ass I check the voice My nigga don’t you ride no
White horse, don’t ride no white horse Don’t you ride no white horse (x2)

Donkey Kong

Go go go go (x 8)
Chorus Well this my pinky this my thumb Bankhead bounce donkey kong (x4)
[Verse 1] Well it’s a brand new dance and it’s coming your way It was started in the south by the DJ There’s some say it’s hard but it ain’t true It’s the only dance that’ll ? for you Just bounce to the right bounce to the left You can Bankhead Bounce by yourself Anyone can do it just let me know I know a little spot where we can go But first, you gotta do this dance When you Bankhead Bounce you get one chance If you fall, then it’s not for you But if you fly, then you true And you gotta be real and don’t fake If you don’t bounce hard enough you won’t make it The early bird, get the worm Bankhead Bounce, said it’s my turn
Chorus (x4)
[Verse 2] If I’m riding down the street doing the Bankhead Bounce And I got more bounce to the weigh to the ounce If I bounce down, I bounce up Bankhead, yeah what’s up Little suckers don’t know what I’m saying Get off the wall and let me see you dance Cuz it ain’t no party like a Kilo party Cuz the rest of these parties won’t hit And I promise the Lord I won’t bump no more With a big fat overweight trick Cuz it’s out with the old and in with the new Bankhead Bounce now whatcha gon’ do Bankhead Bounce betta than all of them I say ooh damn, ooh damn Put your hands in the air and do it just like that Hold on wait a minute, bring it on back
Chorus (x4)
[Verse 3] Little sucker don’t know who I’m talkin’ ’bout Kilo jam make ya get, get, get out Slip slide stop, everybody drop You ain’t never been down to a zero But ya got the nerve to talk about Kilo Ain’t no love for these scrubs in the lane They hate to see me when I do my thing Deep in the jungle that’s where you can find me With lions and tigers and bears all around me Represent that’s what I’m gon’ do Thank you ladies and gentlemen Each and every one of you I don’t need no publicity And all I wanna know is did ya miss me? Of course you did Now Bankhead Bounce you crazy trick.

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