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Where I Rest At

Killarmy none none none Intro: Beretta 9...

Wu Renegades

Killarmy none none none "For security reasons...

War Face

Killarmy none none none "Why did you...

Universal Soldiers

Killarmy none none none "What is your...

Under Siege

Killarmy none none none Tonight you pukes...

Unite To Fight

Killarmy none none none Intro: Shogun Assasson...

The Shoot Out

Killarmy none none none {Movie Sample ...

Swinging Swords

Killarmy none none none <Chorus> These rhythms...

The Cook Out

Killarmy none none none Intro: Dom Pachino...

Serving Justice

Killarmy none none none Chorus: P.R. Terrorist...

Red Dawn

Killarmy none none none [ P.R. Terrorist...

Seems It Never Fails

Killarmy none none none [Chorus] It seems...

Murder Venue

Killarmy none none none Chorus: Islord 2x...

Love Hell Or Right

Killarmy none none none Word (Yo three...

Last Poet

Killarmy none none none Intro: P.R. Terrorist...


Killarmy none none none Killa Arm 9...

Five Stars

Killarmy none none none <9th Prince> Yeah...

Dress To Kill

Killarmy none none none (reporter) We are...

Fair Love And War

Killarmy none none none <Killa Sin> Yeah...

Camouflage Ninjas

Killarmy none none none Yeah Masked avengers...

Clash Of The Titans

Killarmy none none none Take em to...

Blood For Blood

Killarmy none none none chorus: Blood for...

Burning Season

Killarmy none none none <9th Prince> Get...

Allah Sees Everything

Killarmy none none none Chorus: Allah sees...

Bastard Swordsman

Killarmy none none none featuring Holocaust Intro:...

Afterhours Pt. 1

Killarmy none none none Hickory dickory dock...

Where I Rest At

Intro: Beretta 9 & Killa Sin

Yo. Smell that gun powder in the air?

Yo. I smell it kid.

Shit is like this everyday when I wake up.

We do this shit all time kid.

It's a war zone.

It ain't nothing new over here.

Word up.

You know?

Killarmy time. Military thing.

Shaolin thing.

It's Born build nigga.

Gotta civilize.

Yo. Check it out. Yo. Yo.

Chorus: Beretta 9

Where I rest at niggaz scheme at plot

Sling rocks, stars, cops over on our block and get fought

Bust a shot and get shot, smoke pot, get locked

Do a bid, while some taught to resurface to the street

Some don't last, won't weep

Where I rest at keep a vest and a gat at least three ways back

So, the flash can't track, where I rest at do the one to time

Double dirty crossed sneeky snake fucks, where I rest at

[Killa Sin]

Kid, but where I rest at the crime wave be jumping off

Like suicide, commitors on a busy highway with they clothes off

The fire trucks, trust, bull swine, blow your draws off

The nine year olds toying with his sword off

He can hardly tie his nikes up right, so how the fuck you blow his toes off

>From modernized, so are common, coarsed, where I rest at

Steping out the front doors is set back

The warzone, the death trap, waiting to consume those who get trapped

Shaolin, the villianous island filled with hidden pure-breds

Killing niggaz who thrive on the forbidden rituals

Or getting you in the drop, fuck sticking moves

The pick you almost mentally popped like Scotty Pippen

Most niggaz fame is almost chain gangs in state prisons

Wu-Tang reign this worldwide cave for dirty richmen


Wu Renegades

"For security reasons I am broadcasting tonight from an undisclosed

location; because the subject of tonight's American expose is terrorism."

(Killarmy in this motherfucker)


Yo Killarmy we the last armaggedeon

Prepare yourself now for the six man wettin

In the streets or in the sand war is on

Now aside nigga here comes the pride

Verse One:

You can't persuade this brigade Killarmy renegade

on this crusade lyrical murder is sure to be my trade

Drill more heat than Black Suede, I'm the sun

beamin on your dome when the shade is nowhere to be found

All you hear is the unreknowned sound

that makes your eardrum pound, you can't avoid it

It been exploited in your district

The ballistics are statistics fuck the critics

They criticize while I revise my enterprise

Do the knowledge and you'll be surprised

?Generalize and currency alive?

while strong soldiers build with boulders

Forts and barriers, my brain pattern hold weight like a freight

Sharp like ice skates, blows this track like a cellmate

Then motivate, now I'm out of state, usin my Papermate

to penetrate, through open minds that take the time to listen to

The Crimson Tide that I provide, I dedicate

my life to my poetry, if it's meant to be then let it be

It's only right I'm out for the night, my life's a legacy

Verse Two:

Yo, it's like I remember slapboxin now we clap shots to catch props

From knockin rocks on the block ?to chop the fat priced and jock?

I see the Jakes and motivate cause half my team be holdin weight

We march across the Golden Gate Bridge

My mind is in the solider state

Forever real, troops'll n

War Face

"Why did you join my beloved core?"

"Sir to kill sir!"

"So you're a killer?"

"Sir yes sir!"

"Let me see your war face."


"You got a war face? Aaaahhh! That's war face now let me see your war face."


"Bullshit you didn't convince me. Let me see your real war face."


"You don't scare me work on it!"


Where the fuck is your war face son?

(Burning season niggas)


(It's not safe no more nigga)

Chorus: (2x)

Yo I wanna see your war face

Soldier where's your war face?

Camouflaged inmates collapse war gates

[9th Prince]

Yo, yo yo yo

Check the Killarmy

We go to war like tomahawks and Indians

From the wilderness of our villages

Desert commander live on the gorgeous fortress like the sorceress

To build up my heritage

Shaolin surrounded by the cruel sea, crabs get stabbed

Chemistry lab is filled with motorous vocab

That drive niggas crazy like Arabs in Manhatten cabs

Lyrics heat up the airplay, give off shockwaves

That damage the earways for centuries and decades

I be a renegade through rainy days

I collect guns to blast off like shooting stars

Shot up the charts the soldiers from the dark

Stabbin and gatherin dead in the fuckin heart

A rhymin alcoholic, I'm bad for your liver

Unidentified corpse's thrown in the Ohio River

I'm psychotic in the tropic

Bullets spark through bulletproof shields of narcotics

Killarmy be runnin train on Bobby Steels' tracks

Lyrical poems cock back with sharp tacks laced

Universal Soldiers

"What is your style and what is your Clan?"

"The soldier and uses military style."

"Oh? So there may be a war."

[Killa Sin]

Universal soldiers

Yo yo

Automatically I reign supreme laser beam tracks and graze your brain

Hit your spleen ricochet and decay exit clean

Find a lies cries complies

Close your eyes soldier's lies

Look beyond the skies though the soul roll with pride

A few brave unmilitant names who misbehave

Killarmy style rushin the stage in jiggy waves

The Killa Bee ministry forms another industry

Physically recoffin and killin any savage mentally

Solidify negative vibes are liquified by the masses

Prolly find them bastards in gaseous regiment

For stampedin in all illified elements

Universal soldiers, combine the sacred seven men

[Dom PaChino]

In the industries enemies tryin to diminish me

Finish me, mercenaries go on a killin spree

The art of war, plannin a siege is risky

Like an armed struggle, shots flingin doubles and they missed me

Cause I'm immune to tight situations

Manuverin is my formation to different locations

If I get caught then I been gotten

That means the plan I was plottin wasn't stable

I gotta go back to the drawing table

And start from scratch rearranging the whole map

Changin the blueprints, make sure no one's been tapped

In fact son, that must've been the problem

Take the horns off the hook, we gonna do this deal solemn

In us we trust and when the narcs came and rushed

Ain't no time to discuss, grab our God jewels and bust

Cause I roll with the unit, 360 degrees

Tight like an ovary, ain't no more casualties

Bein reputed, we sever reign undisputed

Under Siege

Tonight you pukes will sleep with your rifles.

You're married to this piece this weapon of iron and wood.

And you will be faithful!

This is my rifle

There are many like it but this one is mine

My rifle is my best friend

It is my life

I must master it as I must master my life

Without me my rifle is useless

Without my rifle I am useless

[Shogun Assasson]

Listen to this black visionary bringin war like a revolutionary

Cause drunk and deadly poetry over murderous melodies

So prepare for death be your penalty

Now you're a mere memory of bloody victory

Soldiers drivin mad by centuries of lies and trickery

Then go on a killin spree puttin devils out their misery

Hearin screams sounds of agony

Hostility takes over me

Mind adventurin through the cracks of insanity

Down the hallowed halls of hell

Walkin the dreaded years with no fears

Givin persons cold stares

Cause I know they fakes as snakes is stabbed in the back

With poisonous attacks whose wicked ass gets subtracted

My rifle and myself are defenders of my country

Me and my rifle are the defenders of my country

We are the masters of our enemies

We are the saviors of my life

So be it until there is no enemy

Find peace within

[Dom PaChino]

I wield the silent weapon for this quiet war that's instore

My physical's on a world tour, my brain is wagin war in the urban

Send the blocks stacked like castles

They call them project housin, arousin anger

Define who's being distributed, new faces prohibited

In this wild life I'm livin in is a new millenium

Got my adrenaline purrin like an engine

Camouflage ninjas avengin

Unite To Fight

Intro: Shogun Assasson

Cause we unite to fight

For one commom cause

Is you down for the cause?

Or you down just because?

Verse One: Shogun Assasson

By dawns or the light

We unite and fight

One common cause to inforce Allah's laws

Bombs burst in the air light up the night like stars

As a rocket flare I prepare for warfare

Destroying all the devil's ideas while cowards run in fear

Thre's no retreating, no surrender

No victory, no peace, till the enemy is deceased

And the beast, cease to exist, from being devilish

Running from amongst us, only in God do I trust

So I bust to leaving bodies lying in the dust

Soldiers dying in their own iniquity,

And hell is the penalty

Kung Fu sample:

"I wanna join you; I'll show youwhat I've learned

Please be frank and use your judgement"

[9th Prince]

Yeah, yo, yo yo

Revenge of the fallen patriot

enemies die, I civilized with hatred

The Undertaker, rugged like a Trailblazer

Lost crusader, a vador for a lifesaver

Niggas is computer mind truth

Trained to kill

Lyrical swords and battle for navy seals

Death team motions are calm like the ocean

9th Prince Golden Child Was Chosen

was the warrior slogan

Back to the future my father was killed by Lucifer

Now I'm here to avenge his death

Call me the Shaolin Executioner

I execute dig into the brain

and split the main vein

Mow ya bloodline is short circuit

What is teh verdict on those who got murdered

I researched it, now I'm allergic

He was killed by the lyrical surgic

Verbal villian, I heal myself with herbal healing <br

The Shoot Out

{Movie Sample Unknown man}

For some warriors the answer is crystalised in an instant their

instincts point them only one way. The truth becomes undeniable and


[Dom Pachino P.R. Terrorist]

I got a hunger for the mic my appetite strike late at night

food for thought hold down a fort

up in the port of riches last seen giving stitches

grab the can by ? crucifix his team actin superstitious,

one eyein, one fakin, reachin for his iron

and one tryin to get close, I got the toast

and I'm firin, blood gushin, commotion

still zonin off the war potion

[Beretta 9]

yo wha, yo

We be the masters of circuference,

my thought cant behold body, mind control substance

for the key to this shit, kid

Examin the imposter, group of A uh-life's

my team be deep like a roster, you lobster

you break the edges of all the ?

cut the tongues off all the snakes

just one hiss may cost ya, the price of ya life

I should always think twice, remember always think twice

because mistake may be comin away kid

so wake the fuck up, yo wake the fuck up, yo


Aiyoo, straight up and down

dont even bring that type of shit around me

you live get ya whole neck slapped off ya shoulders

Quick fast, faster than the eye blink, so why think

you could live amongst the, livest mc's

and D-O-D's that I run with,

and collaborate my thoughts with

to elevate to higher standard as I landed,

but never stranded as the God P.R. Terrorist apprehended

analog suspects on the set

[Dom Pachino]

Dirty doctrine, killer concoction, rhyme rottin,

stay plottin, yeste

Swinging Swords


These rhythms can't deface me

Hot rhythms stimulate me

Can't help but swing it boy

Swing it brother swing

Don't stop the beat that's

slapped this foolish brat

Come on swing me boys

Swing it brother swing

<9th Prince Over Chorus>

Word up let's take 'em to war son

Show 'em how it should be done

It's real God

Yeah Yeah

Stimulate the brain cells

Check it Check it

<9th Prince>

Yo Killarmy bounty killers

Industry kid shivers

Shells up through your liver

Dead corp float the rivers

Murderous style is superior from Shaolin to Nigeria

Stalking through the monitor

With the wisdom for dynamical fessor (?)

Lyrical kid in processor

Nat Turner was my militant ancestor

I capture your mind put in isolation

Control the soul automation

Victims became mechanical slaves again

Read the East Coast historian

As you oppose this

Your walking dead soldiers can't get close to this

I be splitting shit like Moses

Then celebrate with Guns 'n Roses

I turn soundtracks into startracks

My tongue is symbolic to an axe

I used to be caught up in the world of Mad Max

Now come against the consequence of the 9th Prince

I sit upon my throne and chop off domes

Then send them home to your peoples

So they can sew 'em

<Chorus-First Half>

<Dom Pachino>

Thoughts I generate like high forms of energy

My brain's energetic

Ultramagnetic synthetic

Burn like oil

High octane let it drain upon the Shao

The Cook Out

Intro: Dom Pachino (Killa Sin)

The cook out yo everybody's invited

only the righteous shit

(only the righteousness open the bowl kid)

the god degree (nothing but righteousness)

the seeds (and uplefted)

yo check it (word up kid for real)

(it's a family thing celebrate this shit)

[Dom Pachino]

it's the big day rally with gods

cars parked up in the driveway

in the trenches with the suspenses

got to make a few stops get some shit from the pit stop

build with the god ree he's on the block

we did our bid together on the sixth building

smoked shit at rec time to keep our mind's filled in

spoke to killa sin on the bowl phone

wanted me to scoop him right quick, before we zoned

hit downtown medina, my spot's blown

killarmy in your galaxy, the gods is known

from war poems to shattering bones and star domes

zone off, blow your clone off, and take the crowd home

to the cook out, digital phonebook out

on the look out for the girl scout

with a cookie out, snatch killa up

i-95, he knew the route

unified a buck, in a war truck

the god rolling up as usual

new l.p. shaking the rear view

slowly approaching the gate

smelling the god degree

to see my fam together as one, it makes me happy

Chorus: Beretta 9 (2x)

Events like this keep my family tight

despite the mics, great minds think alike

we ayalite, be a life, so, we could see the lights

recite from the book of life, the book of life


aiyyo, to be exact, it's the god dead, a monk

nice and hot, fastest ass on the block

that's what we peeped out

coming through with some phat shit to smo

Serving Justice

Chorus: P.R. Terrorist (9th Prince)

Yo yo yall niggas talk rubbish we Wu Tang publish

(Yall niggas try to dub this the Gods serving justice)

Yall niggas talk rubbish we Wu Tang publish

(Yall niggas try to dub this

the Gods serving justice with ruckus

Killarmy we put the mic on the crutches)

[P.R. Terrorist]

Apocalypse at my finter tips

Sense ya tight grip exit a clip

Fill with engraved initials of lyrical nondescripts

On my hitlist, terrorist tartest, I never miss

Strike a bullseye, say bonzai and ball my fist

[Killa Sin]

Yo I could pull da livest shit

hang-gliding off the side of a cliff

Country western bitch been known

to chokehold on my dick

Roll a spliff the size of dynamite sticks

Sideswipe you and the mic boot

Strike you till you yodle or ya name miss

Make ya brain shift like earthquake plates in Vegas

North Flake kicks, guaranteed dat ass a free face lift

Crack ya jaw in three different places

leave you speechless

[P.R. Terrorist]

Speak with a lisp

Lyrics of force'll skip ya disk

Shuffle your track, bring ya shit back

then make ya piss

thoughts of suicide, razor blade pressed against ya wrist

Vocals bangin' off da walls of ya drums

You can't resist

Sudden impact, yeah jetblack

Shine like Shalack

Flashdance on 4th Disciple tracks,

They off the meat rack

The combinations's like one in a million

Puerto Rican quarter bizillion

Seven wise men making a killing

In this rapworld, shattering niggas like glass buildings

When my wind blow, you crabs move slow

Murder you dolo, take ya heads off

Riding a horse like playing polo <br

Red Dawn

[ P.R. Terrorist ]

Skuffed up guns toss the filthy heat then run

Dirty Weaponry fill my clip with rusty dum dums

It hardly worked right When I bust it hardly jerked right

Smith and Wesson type illuminate the block all night

Serial scraped found it in the nearby lake

Dried it off an hour later caught your man for his cake

Administrate an earthquake the earth shake

Your body ache your lifes at stake stake

Your lyrics aint holding no wieght

Parylize your enterprise cause they moving like snakes

Up in my grasp, little they know its water then gas

Spark that ass with the friction that my music enhance

Verbal vibrations spit a few darts from out my stash

Terrorist nemesis is the first and the last

Knowledge and understanding one and the same

I aim, no restrain, nothing to lose, all to gain

I raise cane and snap your back, rip out your veins

Crack your frame, return you loopbback from where you came

[ 9th Prince ]

Yo, yo Im the master of ceremony revolutionist

Lyrical demolitionist, trapped in the abyss

Pirates of dark waters meterologist

Slang thugs be sublime to to abdict lyrics is dangerous

I exiled myself from earth and built a home on Uranus

9th Prince, the ill street acrobatic, lyrical gymnastic

The stage is gymnasium

I slay through the rythem, I tear notes like patriotism

The universal, find at rehearsal

Rappers is too commercial, I live til we murder you

We attack with logical, scrape your physical composition

With broken bottles, and blow fire out my nostrils

Rappers is nervous, battle mode verses

Lyrically enormous shockwaves split the surface

Psychic predictions, its the imitation of the minds of egyptians

Political, poor then musician

Tools hit the moon make the earth cause coll

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