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The Warmth Of Your Breath

FISHBONE none none none You don’t think...

Properties Of Propaganda (Fuk This Shit On Up)

FISHBONE none none none Best to bust...

Unyielding Conditioning

FISHBONE none none none Unyielding Conditioning Tune out...

Black Flowers

FISHBONE none none none Black Flowers have...


FISHBONE none none none Who, Who do...

Sunless Saturday

FISHBONE none none none I see the...

Those Days Are Gone

FISHBONE none none none When you’re alone,...


FISHBONE none none none Nougat baby floatin’...

Naz-Tee May’en

FISHBONE none none none Got myself a...

Everyday Sunshine

FISHBONE none none none I wish everyday...

Pray To The Junkiemaker

FISHBONE none none none Pray to the...

Junkies Prayer

FISHBONE none none none My pusher who...


FISHBONE none none none Fear is the...

Behavior Control Technician

FISHBONE none none none Children runaway from...


FISHBONE none none none I feel like...

So Many Millions

FISHBONE none none none I cannot get...

If I Were A…I’d

FISHBONE none none none If I believed...

Fight The Youth

FISHBONE none none none And now another...

Ghetto Soundwave

FISHBONE none none none There’s another cry...

Slow Bus Movin’ (Howard Beach Party)

FISHBONE none none none “Born in the...

Subliminal Fascism

FISHBONE none none none People got problems...

Mighty Long Way

FISHBONE none none none Said I’m shakin’...

Deep Inside

FISHBONE none none none Rich Ass High Klass Don’t...

Pouring Rain

FISHBONE none none none The sun will...

Question Of Life

FISHBONE none none none I saw the...

Ma And Pa

FISHBONE none none none There once was...


FISHBONE none none none Aimlessly I walk...

Slick Nick, You Devil You

FISHBONE none none none Slick Nick stole...

It’s A Wonderful Life (Gonna Have A Good Time)

FISHBONE none none none One, two, three,...

Simon Says The Kingpin

FISHBONE none none none Those lights could...

Knock It

FISHBONE none none none You all feel...

Turn The Other Way

FISHBONE none none none Say everyone —...

In The Air

FISHBONE none none none It’s not the...

Movement In The Light

FISHBONE none none none There’s a path...

I Wish I Had A Date

FISHBONE none none none Well I wish...


FISHBONE none none none CHOLLY — Woman...

A Selection

FISHBONE none none none You go out...

When Problems Arise

FISHBONE none none none There is no...

Lyin’ Ass Bitch

FISHBONE none none none Lalalala Lalalalala [x4] I...


FISHBONE none none none It take a...

Party At Ground Zero

FISHBONE none none none Party at ground...

? (Modern Industry)

FISHBONE none none none Turn it on,...

Another Generation

FISHBONE none none none Grab your arms...


FISHBONE none none none Boy you’ve got...

The Warmth Of Your Breath

You don’t think for me
Or see what I see
I will not do the things that you say
An explanation if I may
I don’t like you and by the way
May your dogs colon be familiar
With the warmth of your breath
You don’t own my mind
Or my black behind
And I will not follow the order of the day
If you thought it was any other way
Listen closely to the word I say
May your dogs colon be familiar
With the warmth of your breath
You’re just a pig to me
With a dog with fleas
Run your kennel!
I think the answer is No No No
I’m no cow, No herd, No ho
I stand firm and will not blow you
May your dogs colon be familiar
With the warmth of your breath
Come here Fido! Hey beautiful dog. Oh it’s a Police dog.
Here puppy have a nice raw steak and some gravy train,
Maybe a little Alpo. Whew he sure eats a lot.
How about a mint flavored dog biscuit. Still hungry?
Now have this chocolate flavored Ex-lax covered jelly donut, Pigdog
Now Now Now
May your dogs colon be familiar
With the warmth of your breath

Properties Of Propaganda (Fuk This Shit On Up)

Best to bust the dust
Of a flour to powder the crust
A grain of sand and a gust of wind
To stir my stomach
And a ground swell to shake
The all that it must take
To break the headache
In my earthquake
Git together yo’ shit
Move your ass to a proper toilet
We gonna fuc We gonna phuck
We gonna fuque this shit on up
Git it like it’s posed to be gotten
Hear it like it’s posed to be heard
Shake it loose
Shake it loose holy cow
Sittin silly like a morning roost
Time don’t tell no swells
Cock-A-Doodle-Do duck or git goosed
Cock-A-Doodle-Do duck or git goosed
Sittin it on down
Sit your ass on down
Git together your shit
Move your ass to a proper toilet
It’s the properties of propaganda
When your feet don’t move and you
Don’t know where you standda

Unyielding Conditioning

Unyielding Conditioning
Tune out from all that’s happening
Nobody deserves empathy
Nobody feels for me
We’ve all been trained by our worlds
I cannot see no one but me
No one can feel my emptiness
Everybody must fend for themselves
We’ve all been claimed by our worlds
But I have heard of ways
That say there’s light beyond the darkness
And everyone can keep their children warm
And togetherness will guide us safely
Through all Storms
Unyielding Conditioning
Remove all trace of memory
No one needs justice anymore
No voices raised in anger
We’ve all been tamed by our worlds
But I have heard of ways
Where people topple all injustice
No one lives their lives on bended knees
And all bigotry is like a disease
Drowned in the sea
And all can hold their head up high!

Black Flowers

Black Flowers have lost their way
They’ve lost their way again
Cursed for their will to dream
Raped by mankind again
Like the auction blocks of castrated dreams
Kills the heart of love
Turned into disease
And each day I pray
Please take me away
Please take me away
Black flowers have lost their way
Black flowers have lost their way
Black flowers have lost their way
Why does this hatred linger on
Voices in my mind remind me everyday
And the passing time has healed no wounds
Deep inside my heart the pain it lingers still
And the love
Away the colors
Oh the love
Fade and blur
Has rotted away
Outside my window sill
And I can’t bear this feeling anymore
No I won’t give into hatred
And I’ll never stop dreaming
And I’ll love
Oh I’ll love
Till my very last breath
Is taken away
“You have to put on your imagination
Heart glasses to see the rest!”


Who, Who do you serve?
For whose empire and for whose whims?
Is your honor judged by men?
Will you lie?
Will you lie if they say it’s their will?
Will you die or continue to kill?
Until the generals all ahve their fill
Craven Cowards
Armchair Warriors
You will serve Them well
What, what will you write?
For whose pleasure, for whose delight?
Will your readers see your light?
Will you say…That the singer can’t blow you away?
That we hate people just ’cause they’re gay
Women and children all stay away
To whom, whom do you pray?
Do dollars wash your sins away?
Does God love cold hard cash?
Do you say…If we all just continue to pay
All our ailments will go away
And our souls will be saved
God’s not with you
“Holy Roller”
Your heart dwells in Hell
Why, Why do you run?
Our awareness has spoiled your fun
Our eyes see you too clear
Will you hide
From the joy of expressing our pride
For the leaders and people who’ve died
While combating your genocide
Chains are breaking
Minds are waking
Soon we’ll serve no more…

Sunless Saturday

I see the pestilence outside my window
I see the dung heaps piled at least a mile high
I see the shards of shattered dreams in the street
I face the morning with my customary sigh
I hear the sounds of children laughing aloud
A stumbling wino has attracted quite a crowd
My breakfast finished now I brave the outside
But clouds have hidden all the warmth inside
Chase these clouds away
I hate this sunless Saturday
Freedom come
For us now
Light our sky
Burn away these clouds
Perhaps the charcoal grey and brown around me
Is just the mirror image of tainted soul
I think the sun will never visit my sky
Until the truth is seen by each and every eye
I see the helpless and I see the insane
I see a pauper singing in the pouring rain
I see the means of help elude us again
I think the sun will never visit me again

Those Days Are Gone

When you’re alone, can’t fine
Your way out of the maze
Life is ablaze and you’re
Right there in the flames
Is this pain?
Are we sane?
And who has established these claims?
While we all try to refrain
I had a dream once there was a wall inside my head
You all had put it there
We lived a life once we felt together as one
And now those days are gone
We fled that place there was a beast kept there
He was mighty and strong and his name was jealousy
We all laughed we felt we would rise above with our unity, our unity
But later on that day he came back to say
That I have a friend and his name is envy
We toppled many lives, we’re like a mighty hurricane
We bring destruction, and we cause descension


Nougat baby floatin’ down
On a cotton candy cloud
Floating by a chocolate baby
Thinkin’ bout his creamy center
Don’t bite alright don’t bite alright
The nougat gets a taste
Ask if it’s appropriate slippin’
Through wetness
Nougat wants that goo
Chocolate’s paralyzed and can’t move
The goo just rushin’
Enjoy chocolate sweet treat
Chocolate needs relief
Chocolate lost his goo you see
Chocolate jumps on the nougat
Tastin’ and bitin’ on the pillows
Still not satisfied enjoy chocolate
Sweet treat lick it quit
Lick it slick wiggin’ insanity
Givin’ up the goo to the
Bones groove givin’ up
The goo to the bones groove

Naz-Tee May’en

Got myself a woman
Nasty as can be-Nasty, Nasty
When my woman’s time comes
She gets downright dirty with me[Chorus:]
’cause I’m a nasty man with a nasty plan
I’m a nasty man, humpin’ and a-bumpin’ anytime I can[Chant:]
Me Gay? No Way!
Bonin’ is a thang in which overindulgence is never enough
And when the fish ain’t bitin’ life gets frightening
So hang tough, hold on to your stuff
The pussycat is playin’ with the ball in the yard
And the dog is biting his bone
Felt so good to the ball the bone got hard
Felt so good it blew the ball apart
My woman’s got a man
Nasty lil ole me-Nasty, Nasty
She knows I’m game for anything
And she’ll never set me free[Chorus][Chant:]
Ain’t nuthin’ I’d rather be doin’
Than hoochie hoochie hoochie gooin’
Ain’t nuthin’ I’d rather be doin’!
Than sweatin’, chewin’ and spewin’
When my woman’s all alone
And her nasty man can’t help-Nasty, Nasty
She will use her fingers and precious time
To get acquainted with herself[Chorus]
I like a nasty man
Ain’t nuthin’ I’d rather be doin’
Would you rather be-walking the dog?
petting the cat?

Everyday Sunshine

I wish everyday the sun would shine
Take me to another place in my mind
Where everything is beautiful
And no wants or needs
Nor sign of greed
Could rule our soul
How I wish the sun would shine
How I wish the sun would shine
If we could fly away on wings
To a place where all could be true
And the skies were blue
And love was true
And me and you
How I wish the sun would shine
How I wish the sun would shine

Pray To The Junkiemaker

Pray to the Junkiemaker through all types of weather
You will be a slave to the Junkiemaker forever
Fiend 4 the means while it taxes your mind…
You’re on the road to the “Tombstone Commode”
Fiend like a hype as you suck the glass pipe
Your soul is cast into a Hellish hole
And as you’re on your knees tryin to feed your disease
The Monkey’s on your back got you “beggin’ please”
Pray to the Junkiemaker
Take a hit wit yer lips
Pray to the Junkiemaker…WHOA!
You’re jaded the light you no longer see
Burned out, broke down in your misery
Drop to less, you’ll soon confess and “assume the position”
“Constipated asphyxiated concludes in Purgatory as stated!”
Pray to the Junkiemaker
Pray to the Junkiemaker
It’s the death ticket, “Can I get a witness!”
Pray to the Junkiemaker
“Take a hit, Wit yer lips!”
Pray to the Junkiemaker
Pray to the Junkiemaker
“Take a hit, sit and piss!”
Pray to the Junkiemaker
I ain’t talkin’ ’bout a physical addiction but a mental spell
It’s a moral to this story so listen well
I relate the life I live in full of shit and sometimes Hell
And you will C that the pipe is your reality
Pray to the Junkiemaker
Surrounded by mental shitty
Mental shitty in the city YEH!
Pray to the Junkiemaker!
And you will find you’ll be a junkie with a zombie mind
Suck the pipe, take your life and you will die
All because you wanted to get high!!!!!!
In a cold sweat you will
In a deep need you will
In the rock house you will
With a dick in your mouth you will
In a mental rage you will
When your body craves you will
Demonic let’s make a deal
In the hospital you will
P.M.R.C. you must be
In the business office you will
In the limousine you will
In the White House in a!
In the school house you will
In the church house you will Yes!
In the police station they do
Shippin’ to the ghetto you Devils
As long as you’re married you will
Rocked up in the kitchen you’re trippin’
Sellin’ your child for the rock pile
In a straight jacket in a!!!
Forced for a divorce of course
In the jail house you will
Way black in the plantation
Trippin’ in the bum bus station
Mental m-m-masturbation
50 Skylab Station
And the astronauts got to cop
Killin’ off the brothers and sistahs
Twitchin’ down six feet under
Crack gettin’ under my dunder
Mr. Lucifer him chuckle
Mankind under his buckle

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