Digital Underground

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No Nose Job

Digital Underground none none none [Dr Cook]Ruth, send...

Man’s Girl

Digital Underground none none none [Digital Underground x2]If...

Know Me, Feel Me

Digital Underground none none none [All]You know how...

Kiss You Back

Digital Underground none none none Shimmy shimmy cocoa...

Jerkit Circus

Digital Underground none none none Well ain't but...

I Shall Return

Digital Underground none none none [Featuring KRS One]...

Humpty Dance

Digital Underground none none none The Humpty DanceDigital...

Holly Wantstaho

Digital Underground none none none What a wonderful...


Digital Underground none none none All you got...

Hip Hop Doll

Digital Underground none none none Pump pump ...

Hella Bump

Digital Underground none none none [Shock G]Got that...

Heartbeat Props

Digital Underground none none none [Chorus]People, get ready...

Gutfest ’89

Digital Underground none none none Ok we're...

Good Thing We’re Rappin

Digital Underground none none none Alright parents go...

Future Rhythm

Digital Underground none none none Hit em with...

Freaks Of The Industry

Digital Underground none none none Well we're...

Fool Get A Clue

Digital Underground none none none [Featuring Black Spooks]...

Food Fight

Digital Underground none none none [Intro: Humpty Hump...

Flowin’ On The D Line

Digital Underground none none none Now this trip's...


Digital Underground none none none Ooh I...

Doo Woo You

Digital Underground none none none [Chorus: Shock G]Don’t...

Do Ya Like It Dirty

Digital Underground none none none [Chorus]If you’re into...

Digital Lover

Digital Underground none none none [Digital Underground]You need...

Cyber Teeth Tigers

Digital Underground none none none [Featuring KRS One]...

Bran Nu Swetta

Digital Underground none none none It’s not the...

Body-Hats, Pt. 3

Digital Underground none none none [Shock G]Cheese, put...

Body-Hats, Pt. 2

Digital Underground none none none [Money-B]Show me a...

Body-Hats, Pt. 1

Digital Underground none none none [Shock G (x2)]She...

Blind Mice

Digital Underground none none none All that’s cool...

April Showers

Digital Underground none none none Squeeze, release, in...

No Nose Job

[Dr Cook]Ruth, send in the next patient
[Chorus x4]Dodio-doe, there’ll be no nose jobSaid dodio-doe, no nose job (smarter than that)
[Baby D/Humpty-Hump]People say, yo Humpty now that your records is sellinAin’t it about time for you to be bailin outOf the race and community you come fromYo, your face has gotta change, Hump!Ice Cube says you’re making more than Donald TrumpSo yo, go on and get your nose fixed, Hump
Dr: Sit downHH: Wait a minute, uh-uhDr: Get in the chair
[Humpty-Hump]Listen, now the black girl wants to get her lip tuckedShe says Doc, I want my slim hips so I’m a slim figureThe white girl says my hips are not big enoughAnd yo, Doc, inject the collagen and make my lips biggerAll of these so-called celebritiesSellin millions of records and claimin no responsibilitiesA young girl sees you on a TV showShe’s only six, says “Mama, I don’t like my nose!”Why’d you have to go and mess up the child’s headSo you can get another gold waterbed?!You fakehaircontactwearinliposuction carnival exhibitListen to my rhyme, you need to hear it
[Humpty-Hump]Uh, and you don’t stop, check itI smell the message from the TVDoes my Humpty nose deceive me?Smells like the blacker the wackerPolly wants to be a cracker, if you let herBut see for me, the bigger the nose the betterThey say the lighter the righterOh yeah?! Well, that’s toughSometimes I feel I’m not black enoughI’m high yellow, my nose is brown to perfectionAnd if I was to change it’d be further in that directionSo catch me on the beach, I’ll be gettin a tanMake sure there’s no mistake that Humpty-Hump is from the motherlandLayin in the sun, string bikiniBetween the buns of two cutiesStill mackin, there’ll be no nose job
[Baby D]Come on, Humpty, let’s get out of here
Dr: Hi, Humpty. My name is Dr Cook, I’ll be handlin your surgery todayHH: Uh, surgery?! Ain’t no surgery, said I don’t want none ­Dr: Yeah, but you’re gonna be a big starHH: Star? Look I’m already a star ­Dr: A huge star, kidHH: Y’all don’t understand, man ­Dr: Big, really big!HH: So what, I don’t wanna ­Dr: Yeah, get his legsHH: Put me down, put me down!Dr: Come on, Humpty, don’t worry about a thing, don’t worry about itHH: No, no!Dr: Calm down, you’re going to be fine..HH: Hey!Dr: Come on, sedative (sedative)..scalpel (scalpel)HH: Sedative! Scalpel!Dr: Knife (knife), Gauze pad (gauze), and gimme a little tape (tape)Dr: Okay, he’ll be alright..don’t worry about itHH: [gibberish]Nr: You’re falling asleep, Mr Humpty..

Man’s Girl

[Digital Underground x2]If you can’t take me home with youThen a lap dance will have to do
If you can’t take me home with you..
[Shock G]Anybody got change for twenty?Mmm, shake it up, shake it upYeah, I know it’s rough out here, loveBut we got your back
[Chorus x2]Give it up cause she’s a man’s girlShe’s bubbling in a man’s worldGive it up cause she’s a man’s girlShe’s struggling in a man’s world
[Shock G]Now tell me, can you tell the differenceBetween a fast-tracking, skank-gaming trampAnd a man’s girlKind of seems the same with just one glanceSee, both of them cause erections from afarBut upon closer inspection it becomes clearMoney B gonna get you in there
[Money B]See, a clever girl knowsNot just hoes work them skirts that’s miniProstitutes that dress this wayTry to imitate most of the uptown bittiesNow we don’t really want to speak uponThose girls who act real sluttyBut we will talk about those man’s girlsThose are the one we’re studying
[Shock G]She’s real secure, pretty toes pedicuredBaby got her own moneyShe thinks brothers who floss are funnyAin’t afraid to lick that honey off my bodyFeminist party issues she don’t care aboutUnderstands men well and knows the power of long hair
[Money B]I doubtIf she’ll fall for the type whose pants are tight onHis pookieLikes her sex fresh and fruity with the light onThat booty
[Clee]Oohwee, she popping! Gotta be, got me jockingEven Nike and Reebok, the girl I’m talking about be rockingThem pumps with the toes outSuper saucy when we go outOr with her patnas, she can blow cloutCause she’s the shit, no doubtShe’s so about her scrill, that gives it all the more thrillCan’t lie, a little highCouldn’t get a better ride out of an automobile Never make it hard to go chillLet me do my thing, let a brother breatheBut she make it so convenient when she aroundI don’t ever want to leave
[Shock G]She’s never stressing whoWhat I’m gon’ do, how I’ve been riding with my crewShe says play on, ain’t nothing wrongAs long as eventually I come home(Money B: Ooh, she cool) When a brother finally doThe joke’s on me cause she’s goneTaking care of she instead of worrying about me(Money B: For shee?) For sheezy, she pleases meKnowing that I got her back with what’s importantKnowing that I’m down and when I clown with my homiesIt’s a necessity ­ she gets to me, yes, I confess itSecure with her intellectNever afraid of flexing them hoe-ish dresses
[Money B]Sex appeal drapes her whole vicinityI’m worked on, those girls that wanna get they lurk onThey get into me
[Shock-G (Money B)]Fingernails long (tummy showing)Where you going, love(Can I be down?) Can I be around?
[Shock-G & Money B]When you gonna freak with the Freaks of the Industry?
[Shock G]Come on, nowGet up on the table, baby, get on the tableYeah, that’s what I’m talking aboutCan I hit that puna? Punana, punana
[Chorus x2]
[Shock G]And I appreciate it too, loveI love them shoes, love that dressI love the whole programI know you can’t keep it up everydayBut when you do I’m loving it, just like thatNow take ’em offYou deserve a foot massageAnd I’m about to give it you..Can I get that puna? Punana, punanaSomebody give me change for a twentyAnd get up on the tableOh no, I ain’t giving you more than a dollar
[Digital Underground x8]No, don’t stop that sexy grooveCause we like the way she move

Know Me, Feel Me

[All]You know how to dodio, put me in your videoCan’t be your hoe-deo, put me in your video (x2)
You got a natural thing for that swingIf everything is lovey-dovey when we gonna get together? (x4)
[Shock G]You could see the fear in her eyes on the night she arrivedUgly was the atmosphere, terror was the vibeI was a fool cause I really thought I owned herEvery night I boned her, I even loaned herOut like a hat, to the othersShe got spanked if she acted up as if I was her mother
[???]And when she tried to run away I set the dogs on herKept her locked down from the fall to the summer
[Shock G]Eventually I had to let her go cause people saidI’m evil and they started coming down on meBut she never made it out the doe, she said‘Hoeing’s all I know and I’m cut off from my familyThere’s nowhere I can go and you owe meBut I’ll forgive you if you start fresh and you show meThat you’re worthy of my love and if you can’t love a whoreThen teach me how to be the type of woman you adore’
[????]I wasn’t really down but I said ‘Deal’Just to shut her up and to hide what I feelBut the eyes never lie, she read right through meAnd what she said next got to me:
[Chorus x2]Are you ever gonna know me, love meFeel me, ever gonna give it a try?Maybe I’m not what you’re used toBut it’s cool cause I’m pretty inside
[All]So we’re both still living in the same cribBut I hardly ever see her cause I’m never thereI can’t face all the bad things I didSo I hide and I lie and deny that I careReckless, ruthless, evil like a devilAnd now she wanna take me to that real levelI gave her nothing but stress and strain
[Shock G]She believes in me and says that people can changeYou know I do not understand how she still stands by meOn the down low I think she’s fly, seeBut I front on account of the way that I acted
[???]I’m paranoid that she might get me back andI couldn’t be the fat, greedy rat that I’ve beenI had the power living in sinBut I still can’t get her words out of my headShe messed me up with the way she said:
[Chorus x2]
[All]Are you ever going to understandI do not have a history of showing people loveJust because I put you on the TVDoesn’t mean I’m looking out for you or ya momsI dogged you! I dogged you, you don’t care!A slave to the rhythm, a fiend for abuseYou got your act together, things are looking betterBUT YOU’LL ALWAYS BE A ROACH TO THEM!
[Shock G]She said ‘I’d like to thank ya cause you put me in your videoTake me all alone somewhere so no one else can see me hoeThen you’ll know that I’m wide o’, your flow’s got the power over me
Are you ever gonna know me, love meFeel me, ever gonna give it a try?The key is the ‘I’, is the ‘she’, is the ‘we’And the I is he
You got a natural thing for that swingIf everything is lovey-dovey when we gonna get together? (x4)
[Shock G]You got a natural thayng, for that shwang..

Kiss You Back

Shimmy shimmy cocoa pop

Shimmy shimmy cocoa pop

Shimmy shimmy cocoa pop

Shimmy shimmy cocoa pop

We we chocolate cross over

Yea we chocolate cross over

See me cocoa might go pop

I'm cocoa and I might go pop

Now it's about time that I cleared this

so pardon me miss

but I'd like for you to hear this

If you kiss me then I'll kiss you back

You see I feel real good inside and it's just from your nearness

there's no need for you to fear this

Kiss me, I'll kiss you back


Well ya look kinda cute to me

I think we can achieve this

plus you act like you need this

Kiss me and I'll kiss you back

You act real fly

Money-B's not buyin' it

quit denyin' it

you're better off tryin' it

Freak me girl and I'll freak you back

(duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuuuuh)

Through any kinda weather

will me and you forever

stay together

Well I just don't know

but I'll tell ya what though

If you kiss me then I'll kiss you back

(kiss you back)

And I guess you wanna know if I'm gonna be around

I ain't sure but I'll tell you what I do know

If you kiss me then I'll kiss you back

(kiss you back)

Awright, lets do this

If you kiss me then I'll kiss you back

Yea, Kiss me and I'll kiss you back

If you kiss me then I'll kiss you back

You with it? 'cause if you with it, I'm with it, yo

If you kiss me then I'll kiss you back

Yea, mmm-

Just kiss me then I'll kiss you back

I'll kiss you back, I'll kiss you back

Now I'm hopin' that you hear me

'cause I lo

Jerkit Circus

Well ain't but two kind

Them that do and them that do


They got tigers lions and monkeys

But I give my most attention to my donkey

Pay no mind to the sign that said: don't feed it

Even hold it when it's time to get funky

Always tired after two rounds of action

But you got to bust three like Paxon

So you go off and you join the Jerkit Circus

Work it like you knock a bag that's satisfaction

So let's talk about this

And that

I'm a freaky deak player but I'm scared that it might be wack (wack)

It might hurt my sack (sack)

And if it ain't cool then I'm not gonna kiss that cat (cat)

Cuz I don't know where it's been at

Sometimes it ain't cool even when you wear a hat

But yo I hit it anyway (unngh)

Cuz a diesel butt female wanted to play

And three days later got an itch

And now I really wanna kill that (HO!)

Who did it

I shouldn't have been with it

I really shouldn't have hit it (did it)

But I slipped and I admit it ('mit it)

I did it (hit it)

But it didn't have to be done

Next time I'm gonna run run run to the

Jerkit Circus

Lay it in your palm and you don't need a condom

Jerkit Circus

Gonna get mine and have a nutty nutty time at the

Jerkit Circus

Fly girl kinkies work those pinkies at the

Jerkit Circus baby

Hey yo it's time to milk the cow

Mary goes up and Mary goes down

Mary goes Mary goes round and round

She rolled on a horse that was wearing a hat

POP went the ball sack

Mary goes up and Mary goes down

Mary goes Mary goes round and round

But this time the horse wasn't wearing no hat

DEAD went the ba

I Shall Return

[Featuring KRS One]

Yo yo you know whassup!

Turn this up right now

Ha hah! Hah!

Like that y'all you don't stop!

It's the Digital it's the KRS One with the Digital!

Yo you know whassup with that

We bout to set it on you

Ha hah Ha Hah HA HAH!

Follow me the massive follow me the massive

Follow me the crew follow me crew

KRS One BDP comin through

Money B Shock G Hump ty Truck Turner

KRS-One, The T'cha, you the learner!

Big Pun havin fun, with BizMarkie

Down with D.J., J-Z you see

In New York City all the way to Compton

We rockin like this cause you know we stompin

Mystik, you know you got the lyric

When everybody come out, you got to hear it

Digital Underground, with the metaphysical thunder sound

KRS from the Boogie Down like that y'all

Ya don't quit, keep on!!

Wadda-bye-bye-bye, wadda-bye-bye

buh-bye-bye, buh-bye-bye, by-bye

KRS come down… watch dis!!!

Humpty Dance

The Humpty DanceDigital UndergroundAa'it stop whatcha doin' cause I'm about to ruin the image and the stylethat ya used to. I look funny, but yo I'm makin' money so listen upworld I hope you're ready for me. Now gather round, I'm the new fool intown and my sound's laid down by tha Underground. I drink up all theHennessee ya got on ya shelf so just let me introduce myself. My nameis Humpty, pronounced with an umpty. Oh ladies oh how I like tofrumpty, and to the rappers in the top ten, please allow me to bumpty.I'm steppin' tall y'all and just like Humpty Dumpty you're gonna fallwhen the stereos pump me. I like to rhyme I like my beef funky. I'mspunky. I like my oatmeal lumpy.I'm sick with this. Straight gangsta mack. But sometimes I getridiculous. I eat up all tha crackers and tha licorace. Hey yo fatgirl commere are ya ticklish? Yeah, I called ya fat, look at me I'mskinny. It never stopped me from gettin' busy. I'm a freak. I likethe girls with the boom. I once got busy in a Burger King bathroom.I'm crazy. Allow me to amaze thee. They say I'm ugly but it just don'tfaze me. I'm still gettin' in tha girls pants and I even got my owndance.(chorus)The Humpty Dance is your chance to do tha hump. Ohh do me baby. Do theHumpty Hump. Ohh ohh do me baby. Do the Humpty Hump. Do ya know whatwere doin'? Were doin' the Humpty Hump yall. Watch me do the HumptyHump. Just keep on doin' tha Hump.People say "yo, Humpty you're really funny lookin'" That's aaiit 'causemy body's in motion. You stare, you glare, you try to compare me, butya can't get near me. I'm on the floor, bein' at the bars and see allthe ladies adore me. Oh yes ladies I'm really bein' sincere 'cause inthe 69 my Humpty nose will tickle your rear. My nose is big. Uh uh I'mnot ashamed, big like a pickle, I'm still gettin' paid. I'm gettin'laid by the ladies, you know I'm in charge. Note how I'm livin' and mynose is large. I get stupid. I shoot an arrow like cupid. I use aword that don't mean nuttin' like loopded. I sang in Dowhatchalike andif ya m

Holly Wantstaho

What a wonderful [x3]What a wonder ho [x2]Why she wanna ho?What a wonderful, what a wonder hoWhy she wanna ho? (I’ll tell you why)What a wonderful way to go out, ho
[Shock G]I know a girl named Holly, I’m tellin she’s sinkinThinkin about sellin that bodyContemplatin rollin up the stroll like a trolleyWants fast money like Three-Card MollyOh look now, here comes HollyLook at that smile, look at that bodyLook at those eyes, Holly’s real flyHolly’s real smart, Holly’s real prettyHolly got flavour but she’s got no prideHolly wants to hide in the corner of the cityHolly ain’t sick, Holly ain’t crazyAin’t got it bad, the ho’s just lazyNow she’s lookin into hookinQuick money on her back so the ho can live fatHolly thinks that’s where it’s atBut curiosity is gonna kill that catBorn with a gift, think she’ll ever use it?Hell no, cause Holly wants to ho
[Chorus]If that ho don’t stop, it that ho don’t stop
[Saafir]Holly likes to ho and use dildoes as long as my bills growI’m not trippin, she be dippin in wallets, all it’sGonna get is me rich, I tried to dis the bitchBut she slits her wrists every time, she said:‘I wanna grind and make scratch with my snatch’Cool, latch onto my belt buckleOne time she came short all she felt were the knucklesBeating her down I saw her on GeraldoAfter the show MAD calls for the hoYou can save all the chit-chatter and all the bitchinBy this time next year you’ll be fuckin politiciansEvery one in a while I catch her home she be callinBawlin, but I’m only sensitive when I bust a nutAfter I bless you with the dick you’ve got to cutAnd make my bucks, giddy-up giddy-up, giddy-up!Oh, time to go, when it comes to male personnelHolly likes to ho


All you got to do is follow the musicAnd listen for the rhythm..listen for the rhythm
[Humpty-Hump (Crowd) x4]Now here we go (HERE WE GO!)Come on (COME ON!)
[Chorus x2]BOTTLES UP! It’s a holla holidayPUT ‘EM DOWN! Break me off some love
[Humpty-Hump]Now bottles up, fall in lineIt’s about that time to take your coat offLet’s have a toast, coast-to-coastShow to show
[Shock G]So, holla at meA brand new holiday for players of all kindsRich, poor, blindYellow and red, wake up the dead!
[Humpty-Hump]Shine the lights, this is Harlem NightsTrue, Digital U and Papa Hump’sBringing that slump you can bump to, boo
[Shock G]Don’t be sleepingHere’s the opportunity to let that dove out
[Humpty-Hump]We looped up Public Enemy in the drumsTo make you bug out
[Shock G]Lace me!We’s about to do what they don’tHousing!Ready to hit the year 2010
[Humpty-Hump]I work that brown noseHoes usually laughWe cruise all through showsWith us, the Underground will blast you
[Shock G]Out of the frameCan your brain stand a taut sack of deez nuts
[Shock G]Yo, I want you back
[Humpty-Hump]Fat tracks I’ve heardBut them words got me debatingAll them dumb songs, clonedGot that tone, you’ve been waiting
[Clee]Well, next up in line to toast yaClee and my man John Doe-jaWe got that bump that’ll shake you upIt’ll wake you up like Folger’sCoffee, back up off meCause we be super-saucyI’m with my doggs andThem dum-dum moves gonna prove to be costly
[John Doe]My doggs be, always with me like I’m Rabbit HutAnd four-deep in a jeep in the streetPlus with the Zapp, super-slumping
[Clee]Bumping, hella drunkenBut we always into something>From doing doughnuts, making hoes go nutsOur names should be Dunkin
[John Doe]It ain’t no functionWe chose today to holla and spread love, folksWe talk to each other like we was brothersWe have more pull than tugboats
[Clee]But like them cutthroatsThat cash flows up and down like a teeter-totterInstead of their doggsThey check for their Lexus and their Movados
[John Doe]I don’t know why causeWho they checking for ain’t even ridahsWe keep our doggs beside usThat’s why we the survivors
[Digital Underground]BOTTLES UP!
[Clee]Toss up your Hennessy, Mo’-mo’ and AlizeAin’t no player hating this wayIt’s a holla holiday
[Shock G]Move on, move, move on
[Humpty-Hump]So go on, na!Doggonit, everybody get your love onEverybody be getting they hug onForgetting to put they doggs on
[Shock G]Ladi-dadi, nothing but a partyToast this up, let’s make it happenHolla if you need me, pass me the beadieWe through rapping
Holla at me, holla at your doggsTake me high, lace meMake love to my intellectSprinkle me, mayne, sprinkle meCause the people over the stairsThey ain’t sweating meMove on, move on, move on

Hip Hop Doll

Pump pump de pump pump it up y'all we're talkin

bout a hip hop doll

Babe when you feel me ooh how you thrill me

You are my hip hop doll

Yes baby would you go with me once and for all

And then when you squeeze me ooh how you please me

You are my hip hop doll

Yeah baby if you married me we'd have a ball

Kick the beat y'all

She was an east coast dame she knew she was pretty

The place: a hotel lounge in the town of Atlantic City

The girl was down, you know what I'm sayin

there wasn't much room to groom.

People talking and tickin' clock stopped, when she walked into the


Kick it K,

Her beauty was shocking: pretty mouth, pretty nose

A pair of black fishnet stockings: pretty feet, pretty toes

I made a last minute play to the men's room, to get myself into groove

Turned to my homeboy, asked him how I looked, my boy Earl said,


Got out the mirror, and went to work, my forty dollar hat was hittin

I bit down on a wintergreen certs, I stepped up and started spittin

I set my pace: I said, "Excuse me, but I scored that a nine point


But her face looked confused she said, "come again,"

I said, "You know the way you fell inside of the place, you got style"

She smiled, said "You're working real hard for some satisfaction"

She grabbed the dice, and told me "go on"

I said, "Oh my God, she's givin' me action."

As we was kicki it live, i threw a four and a five, my point was a


She told the maitre'd, "Bring your best bottle of wine,"

And then she tipped him a dime

The wine arrived, we made a toast

let's try to keep it all in the midst, click

I dow

Hella Bump

[Shock G]Got that bang, mayneMmm-hmmTwenties, thirties ­ what you need?See, this is full spectrumUndiluted heavyweight bangYeah, we moving weightAnd you can reach me on the internetCome get what you need
[Krazy Horse/Shock G]Not just a nickel bag full, mayneGive me the fat, jumbo thirty bag of bangWatch what you slangCause if it sound the same I’ll keep lookingAin’t putting fake music in my veins (no, no, no)Not just a nickel bag fullOr a dime bag of bull cause I need my tummy fullPop daddy brought a fatty, slinging that bangingBut underground mommy bought me hella bumpHella bump
[Shock G]Flow on, baby, so I can get my bump onIf we got any real bump junkies in the houseLike myself>From now on no more nickels and dimes, babyRolling or the folding kindNow’s the time to grind my wayAnd bump with conviction
[Krazy Horse/Shock G]A thirty bag of bang, babyLook at the way we bumpingTake a swig of this here swingAnd recognize who pumping junkWho pumping stuff, who give you the Holy GhostiesWho rocks the spotTo bring the groceries with the most easeNot just a nickel bag fullI need a twenty so my tummy gets fullNot just a nickel bag fullYou gotta give me hella bump, hella bump
[Shock G]I’m picky about my flowingNot too slow and not too fastYou gotta be bangingWant to feel like you like some assCop it somewhere else if you’re bumping cutYou’re giving away the ????But still you’re stingy with the bumpFronting on the funk we loveHeavy bass thrillerThe humping, trunk-dwelling, hella-bumping party killerWhile we singing knock me downLift me up, tell me something goodAnd give me hella bump
[Digital Underground x2]Yeah, we roll with the flowIt’s all we knowThe D slanging hella bump

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