Dave Strait

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Break the Curse!

Dave Strait none none none V1: You ask...

Break the Curse!

V1: You ask me why my face is hard, and my eyes are so cold, How my tongue is sharp with words harsh and really bold.And the words of truth that i speak,how they can cut you to the bone, when you walked threw endless lifetimes it gets ruff to be alone. Well you think that you know me,dont be so quick to assume, cause i have seen the earth burn up in flames,and the blood flow over the moon.
Chorus: But i never tread the roads they walked, And never believed the lies they talked, Never bent a knee to the kings or stood above the slave, Seen evol come from the ocean,and a light step from the cave, Now I’m not a prophet or a messaih to die for all mans sin, No I’m just a man who’s walked a million lifetimes trying to break the curse I’m in.
V2: You ask me if I’d trade it all, to die in a mortals grave, Tell the truth dont think I can, to the curse I’ve become a slave, Seen the devil filled with laughter, seen God just sit and cry, Watched the world be born,and the slow decay as it prepares to die Walked threw all the ages,seen species lost or go extinct, And cities burnt to rubble as fast as I could blink, You that my heart is black,and that I have no soul, But I say honey yeah give it a shot,walk the road of an immortal. REPEAT Chorus (Guitar solo)
Bridge: Don’t judge me,yeah get back out of my face, For I’ve seen saints go to hell,and sinners come to grace, And don’t probe me or try to psychoanalyse, Cause you don’t know the world like I do looking threw your mortal eyes. REPEAT Chorus 2X’s End.

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