Dane Bowers

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Will I Ever Need To Love Again

Dane Bowers none none none I’ve seen alot...

Shut Up And Forget About It

Dane Bowers none none none Oh look out,...

Another Lover

Dane Bowers none none none Tell me why...

Will I Ever Need To Love Again

I’ve seen alot of love come and go
To get it right we must take it slow
If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s to know not to rush
Cause the wisest hearsts know that too soon is to much

She’s a new beat to my heart
She make’s it skip a beat
And I feel it right from the start
This girl of mine
She’s the remedy, cure and the answer to the question
That I ask
Will I ever need to love again?
Will I ever need to love again?

Opportunity knocks
Let it in, let it in
We may never get a second chance
To try again, try again
Cause I’m never gonna let this love slip away from me
Never had it so good, so good
Let’s not throw it away


Now I won’t say I’m your Mister Right
And I’m not your perfect guy
But there’s one thing that I’ll guarantee
I’ll be by your side
When you’re felling down
And I’ll call you when you’re out of town
It’s the little things that show how much I love you

Chorus x2

Shut Up And Forget About It

Oh look out, oh huh come on
What’cha like a whole lot of
(Tyrese yeah)
What’cha like a mediola?
(What’cha like?)
What’cha like?
(Can you tell me baby?)
All night long
(All night long)

I like ‘em brown, yellow
Puerto Rican or Haitian with
Good conversation plenty big faces
It’s a must I stay luxurious
Jewelry cut precision like I bust
Been with it since Funkdafied blew up
It’s evident shit I can’t be touched
Niggas say I’m too much I trust its true
Why lie? See for yourself when I slide through
Drive by your big say
Don’t look, you do
Shine so bright in wind you too
You wish boo boo could ride with you tonight
Ain’t nothing in the world that Brat can’t do
She attractive to them him, her, and you shit
Frostbit, December Unrestricted
Drop dead, the cost is priceless
Due to the content I suggest you like this

What do you like?
A whole lot of foreplay
Right before you get started
What do you like?
Me on top
You on the bottom, tight body
What do you like?
Somebody that can make you say
Wow oh wow, all night long
All night long, tell me

What’s up? The setting a hot ass club
And you still be sweating me
I don’t see nothing with giving a little love
But nigga just let me breathe
Damn you cute as hell so let’s switch the digits
Then I got to leave
And you can buy me a couple of drinks
But I’mma go socialize and smoke my weed
And I like it when you keep your eyes on me
And I like it when you touch my privates see
And I like it sex and ecstasy
When the belt buckle loosen up undress me
Already juiced up that come naturally
Wax on and off so romantically
No woman can slow dance or throw down like I can
Ask if you curious to know what I like

What do you like?
A whole lot of foreplay
Right before you get started
What do you like?
Me on top<

Another Lover

Tell me why it is that you
Broke my heart for someone new (you broke my heart)
Did I ever let you down?
Why did you have to fool around?
On me, baby, so why did you leave me?

Does he give you all the love you need?
Does he make you feel the way you want like I do (like I do)?
Is he holding your body close at night?
Is he giving you all the things you like?
Tell me why you love another?

Now I hope you’re satisfied since you made a fool of me (you made a fool of me)
You didn’t have to tell those lies when I can see it in your eyes
That you ain’t true and were cheating on me
Now its time for you to know I’m twice the man that you let go
But before I say goodbye, tell me the truth and don’t deny
Is he the one just ask yourself girl


We both know that you were playing around
When you’re not home, so many lonely nights
On my own wondering where you were
Were you with him or your girlfriends?
Baby what you’re doing to me

Chorus x3

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