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Nationwide Rip Ridaz

Crips none none none Verse One: I...

Brake A Slob Down

Crips none none none Nigga I know...

Nationwide Rip Ridaz

Verse One:

I cast out cased up Loc locked down I'm a Menace

I gives it up I give a fuck a Loc for life cuz I'm with it

I see fresh dressed like a million bucks

I am the lowest rip rida in the navy blue chucks

Not the low top type cuz they slip and they slide

with the high tops and the gangstaz with the stars on the side

I'm buckin all brands all slobs bitches and tricks

and I'm from Eastside Fushtown Mafia Crip

WATTS UP to my homiez on the 10 and the 5

In the cut on the street gettin paid on the front line

I rob for C side, death to my enemy

Mission to make a Mill and Chill with my Big Gz

Verse Two:

I got a heat for you slob niggaz slippin

set trippin is my favorite pastime Loc cuz I'm crippin

See a slob if he swerve too deep in a Suburban

Pull up close to the curb, get up close so I can serve him

Ain't no mercey or grace

Put him in his place

Make every bullet count so put a slug in his face

Nationwide Eastside Watts Franklin Square Crip Ride

Another straight hood slippin another straight just died

I ain't lying when I say you see me dumpin

Eastside Nationwide Rip Ride is quick to move some (on that Eastside)

Verse Three:

The AGCs, straight rollin on that Eastside, right

Where gangstaz like to ride

and do a homicide

I catch a slob slippin

I break his fuckin neck

and puttin these busta punk niggaz straight in check

talkin 'bout youz a gangsta

Nigga youz a busta

runnin slobs over

nigga you can't trust a

nigga from the A-V, A-L-O-N-G-E, S-T-A

and I'm a spray when I have ta

Busta, I case you out the hood

because you know the OG ?cellies? straight up to no good

wood, you try to test me and get stray d

Brake A Slob Down

Nigga I know I had to get ya ! (x4)

[G Bone]

Well it's the mathafuccin C

Slob niggaz cummin up short

Rip ride we slide to the mathafuccin south flow

40D crippin BG's on a mission

Got werd that the mathafuccin slob niggaz slippin

We up bout to put the mathafuccin smash down

On these mathafuccaz on the otha side of town

Jumpin up outha the mathafuccin G ride

Crippin up outha the mathafuccin nutz on the blong

Baby YO hit em back slobs tryin to big back

We put them triggers on them slob niggaz fuck tat

This ass be sacked to the mathafuccin G

Raise up the blunt took a shot of the henasy

We dippin back to the mathafuccin C-side

Two C'z AD BG nigga rip ride

Baby Gangsta Bone is a loc'd out ??? nigga

Strait slobkilla cuzz I'm a crip fucc you niggaz

– This is how we brake em mathafucca down

Brake a mathafucca down, Brake a mathafucca down – (x2)

Some niggaz pulled up yellin about the slob shit

I said like ??? cuzz what part of the game is this

Crip rich with him dumpin like he never bust no heat

The gang blew him back but knocked the slob of his feet

Killin em down the alley when i clock my crip face hung

He said was crackin wall I said run nigga run

But we just peeped the slob on the corner of my street

When me and ??? we blwed that slob in her jeep

And he said cuzz i realize we got some mathafuccin playa hataz

They hate me most caus they some fuccin baby gangsta hataz

I got cuzzins I'm blewin relatives in half

And we can feel me back when they kick my ass

But I'm protected by the blewin the green

Rat-tat-tat put a Elm in the gangsta league cuzz

I guess thatz hows this shit 's supposed to C

Cock my glock kayz up to 2pac slob feel me

– This is how we brake em ma

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