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You Fail Me

Converge none none none you fail me...

The Broken Vow

Converge none none none Those nights we...

Towing Jehovah

Converge none none none Well worn wings...

Last Light

Converge none none none i need you...

Jane Doe

Converge none none none These floods of...

In Her Shadow

Converge none none none she is at...

In Her Blood

Converge none none none you are nothing...

Hope Street

Converge none none none keep on searchingkeep...


Converge none none none I have bled...

Home Song

Converge none none none For words, two...

Heaven In Her Arms

Converge none none none Death was just...

Hanging Moon

Converge none none none i keep payingwhen...

Fault And Fracture

Converge none none none You were most...

Eagles Become Vultures

Converge none none none in new day...

Drop Out

Converge none none none amphetamineraised her since...

Distance And Meaning

Converge none none none And like that...

Death King

Converge none none none let me liveleave...


Converge none none none Dear, I'll stay...

Bitter And Then Some

Converge none none none Death to cowards,...

Black Cloud

Converge none none none thousand milesforgettinganythingeverythingwheels racingblack...

Becoming A Stranger

Converge none none none So much for...


Converge none none none Idle chatter sounds...

You Fail Me

you fail me with every fatal crush
you fail me with every abandoned love
you fail me with your inferno fuck me eyes
that burn as fuel for my city and its neon lights
burn bright white line fever take them all
you fail me with your new dead end dream
you fail me with your pill box fantasy
you fail me as love's greatest war
that was never worth
you were never worth fighting for
dying living dying living dying everyday
living dying living dying living everyday
you think you are a poet
in your eyes you are a star
who lives through a fantasy of rising above
you think you're a victim
but you live as a drunk
that has never sacrificed that has never loved
you think you are tragic but i know you are lost
you have walked the fault lines
and you have crossed them all
this world doesn't fight you, you fight yourself
thinking we fail you you fail yourself

The Broken Vow

Those nights we had and the trust we lost
The sleep that fled me and the heart I lost
It all reminds me
Just how callous and heartless the true cowards are
And I write this for the loveless
And for the risks we take
I'll take my love to the grave
As tired and worn it is
I'l take my love to the grave

Towing Jehovah

Well worn wings crumble too tired to forgive
and too battered to ever forget
I am the labor, I am this
I hang as your beloved hex
I'll bring the nails, and fevers of bad dreams
Nail him, burden her
Kill you, bury them, it's all the same
Holding your rope, try to forget me now
Great leveller, try to forget my name on a day like this

Last Light

i need you to be the strength of widows and soul survivors
i need you to be as fearless as new mothers and new fathers
i need you to be the hope of hearts who lost true love
i need you to be the might of their first kiss
i need a purpose and i need a reason
i need to know that there is trophy and meaning
to all that we lose and all we fight for
to all our loves and our wars
keep breathing
keep living
keep searching
keep pushing on
keep bleeding
keep healing
keep fading
keep shining on
this is for the hearts still beating

Jane Doe

These floods of you are unforgiving
Pushing past me spilling through the banks
And I fall
Faster than light and faster than time
That's how memory works
At least in the dark where I'm searching for meaning
When I'm just searching for something
I want out
Out of every awkward day
Out of every tongue tied loss
I want out
Out of the burdening nightsweats
Out of the rising seas of blood
Lost in you like saturday nights
Searching the streets with bedroom eyes
Just dying to be saved
Run on girl, run on

In Her Shadow

she is at the end chasing her own fading light
running from her shadow in the name of living
searched for worth in the lust of men
paid in blood in different beds
mistaking sex for true love
they never meant a thing
her addiction brought her a world
of coward boys and of cheater girls
looking for an easy way out of being ordinary
so she boarded their sinking ship
and crossed their red needle sea
drowning truth to live her lie
that she was ordinary
in her fading shadow

In Her Blood

you are nothing more than dying royalty
you are nothing more than a fading drama queen
your spelling errors in love letters just stole your crown
you are nothing more than late night fantasy
you are nothing more than a rehearsed tragedy
your spelling errors in love letters just killed your dream
just killed you
you are nothing more than a dim lit whore
you are nothing more than a crashing bore
in your blood paid
you chase a shadow that will fade out as pain

Hope Street

keep on searching
keep on running
suicide eyes
just keep hunting
for new hearts
to break
for old wounds
to make
no one will break your fall
keep on moving
keep on hiding
in ripe new lives
you are destroying
finding comfort
in their wreckage
you kill new hope
with old pain
no one will break your fall


I have bled and I have given
the longest of rivers and the longest of ropes
And you're not grasping and my light is sinking on the horizon
Knee deep among your wreckage and uncertainty
with anguish my crown and heartbreak my throne
I lay claim to this day – No love, no hope
I've lost count of the second chances
I lay claim to this day – No love, no hope

Home Song

For words, two minutes, three years
for my fingertips to grow numb
Could this be the moment
when the "finally" becomes the "wish i could"?
Desperation and outstretched memories
now I see you only in bad dreams
I never reset
I only see you in bad dreams
Let me explain
Close enough to feel your words
Far enough to read your flesh

Heaven In Her Arms

Death was just a simple glance across a dim lit room
And those eyes did it
Those three words did it
Those three words killed him
And I surrender to it all
Between you and me, I surrender to you
Forgive me for the sadness
And the bringing of you down
I just needed a lover and I needed a friend
And there you were
Running from forever like all the rest
Three simple words bled me dry
Three simple word bled us dry, bled us dry
I love you

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