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Go Outside

CAM'RON none none none [Hook – sample...

Go Outside

[Hook – sample of The Cults song ‘Go Outside’:]
I really wanna go out, I really wanna go outside and stop to see your day [x2][Cam’ron talking over the Hook:]
Uh, it’s fucked up outside man. Shit crazy man. Barack gotta hurry up and do something man – they just reelected the nigga right? – word![Verse 1:]
Man, my car fucked up, accelerator choked
I ain’t got time, to tell you haters jokes
On my stoop they try and sell a player coke
Now I walk inside my lobby and the elevator broke? Damn
Niggas act hard, when they in the midst of folks
A hard drop baby, when they get eviction notes
They gon have to drag me out, fuck it bring ’em in to fight
Matter fact by ten tonight I’ll organize a tenant’s strike!
With our T-shirts saying “WE THE PEOPLE” (Us!)
Then I point at you, meet the evil (them!)
You can’t neglect the feel, go back upstairs and expect to chill
But forgot to pay the electric bill
Shit, what the hell?
Saturday night, no SNL
Tomorrow Sunday, no NFL
I go on Twitter, type FML[Hook][Verse 2:]
Far as a job, it’s hard to find a steady one
Just got paid and feel like I owe everyone (damn)
Troy, Tanya, Mike, Annette, Rex
My nigga Rex, he gon have to wait ’til next check
Just got laid off, damn, what’s my next step?
Cop the work from the Hill, that’s my best bet
A text from Tasha, looked at it awkwardly
Said she left the doctor and she really need to talk to me
Went on for hours, she text “you ignoring me?”
Text her cordially, “yeah you move unlawfully”
Threw the phone away, grabbed me a Boost Mobile
Fuck that iPhone shit, all my moves local!
My pride defined, never lie, you could ride on it
‘Bout to go to the Ave, who got 5 on it?
Split the bill with Harold, Page, and Darryl
Then I went and played spades with Ms. Carrol[Hook]

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