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Passing By

48May none none none Here we go.Want...


48May none none none another perfect day...

The Window

48May none none none Everyday has got...

Home By 2

48May none none none Friday night and...

Leather & Tattoos

48May none none none She may watch...

Come Back Down

48May none none none I heard a...


48May none none none All the times...


48May none none none One more time...

Passing By

Here we go.
Want to know is it just only me that feels this way?
Time to say too much play –
is it really the way you'll always be?

Foot down to the ground.
You hit 90 an hour.
You cant see the things you're passing by.

Im dying to stay coz i've been wasting away under all of the things you're passing by.

Here we go.
Want to know,
are you counting the days you've been away?
Time to say too much play –
missing all of things you'll never say


another perfect day in hell
and lately im not sleeping well.
another tragic state of mind you business
Are you supposed to help me out?
Do you think this could work out?
Dont you know I was voted
person most likely to fuck up?
are you sure youre not holding out?
theres so much we could cry about
why waste time when theres time to waste?
come on, put on your poker face
the perfect time
the perfect place
to have the dirt kicked in your face.
and falling doesnt hurt when youve hit bottom.
are you sure that i'll be ok?
run out of tears to wipe away.
dont you know AI was voted
person most likely to fuck up?

The Window

Everyday has got its own sound.
Follow through and come around.

I'm running out of time.
Make a break for the window.

Light it up take a go.
Its better than its ever been before.

Make the most of my misfortune.
Maximise the moments made.

I'm running out of time.

Home By 2

Friday night and feeling good to go.
Met this girl id like to get to know.

How could I have been so blind?
Wish id never met her.
All tied up.
On the floor.

This is not what I signed up for.
I wonder if she knows the things that hurt the most?
Cut me deep and burn me too close.
Do you think i'll be fine?

Friday night and feeling good to go.
Met this girl i'd like to get to know.
She does things that girls shouldnt do.
Take her out, have her home by 2.

Leather & Tattoos

She may watch the wrestling and think its the best thing,
right up there with monster trucks.

I dont think shes useless just cuz she refuses to think heavy metal sucks.

Cuz one day I know,when shes ready to go, she'll just jump on her bike and ride.

There's something about you,
your leather and tattoos,
thats making me weak inside.
Your fishnets and nose ring,
is making my heart sing,
And I get no sleep at night.

She listens to Slipknot,
and thinks that its pop-rock,
her wardrobe's a shade of black.

Her dad is in prison,
she tries not to listen to things said behind her back.

So maybe I'm too blind to notice
her wandering eyes and lack of focus.

And maybe I'm too dumb to realise
the vacent look she gets in her eyes.

Come Back Down

I heard a knock on my door.
She said 'Come down and score.
Today just might be the day'

I said itd be a cold day in hell before I would tell you we would go on a date.
She said 'Theres no way im ever leaving.
Theres no way im walking out cuz im here to stay.'

Im waiting,
Im waiting every day till you come back down,
come back down again.

I tried to tell you once.
I tried to tell you twice.
I tried to tell you but you would not take your friends advice.

You call me every day.
Wish you would stay away.

I've changed my number
the restraining orders on its way.
Theres no way im ever leaving.
Theres no way im walking out cuz im here to stay.

Youre moving closer everyday.
You make the most of everyday.

You on the line all the time,
and I cant wait to say goodbye.
I cant wait to say goodbye.


All the times you tried to cut me up and let me down,
cant you see you always were the first to come around?

Are you waiting by the phone,
hoping I'll be back for more?
You fight back.
You're way to violent.
You fight back.
You're out of line.

Tried to find the times when you could alays make me smile.
Get caught up inside the feelings of my own denial.
Do you lie awake at night,
hoping I'll come by?


One more time before I feel defeat.
One more time before Im done.
Everytime you get the best of me,
make like you have won.

What did I ever do to you thats so bad?
Always thought that I could take it back now.
Guess well always be playing this game.

Now that youve got everything that you want
Youre calling me constantly wanting to rock.

Get away.
Stay away.

I was always in the wrong.
Succenly I can see that the tables turned.
Your smiles gone.

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